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Amidst the rejoicing that “only” 346,000 “seasonally adjusted” people filed for unemployment benefits last week- that’s 353, 973 actual people without the seasonal adjustment- the government admits that in the latest weekly jobs report that fewer federal workers filed for unemployment claims this year than last.

The Department of Big Labor says that in 2012, during the same weekly period as reported this week, 1,159 federal employees filed for unemployment claims while this year only 1,139 federal employees filed for claims.

That’s some sequester, huh.

In fact, the Department of Big Labor admits that the number of regular federal employees covered under all unemployment benefit programs is 3,277 fewer people this year than last.  In all of March of 2013 the Department of Unionized Labor reported that 151 fewer federal employees filed initial claims for unemployment than in the similar reporting period in 2012.

The figures don’t include military service members.

And please note: No seasonally adjusted federal employees were used in making these calculations. While the rest of us get seasonally adjusted to make 7,973 of us disappear off the unemployment rolls, federal government employees are counted in their entirety.

I guess us normal people only figure out at 346/354ths of a person. That’s 173/177ths of a person for you math fanatics who insist on reducing fractions. 

God bless those people in the Big White House, who most certainly aren’t math fanatics.

And they say that conservatives want to put people on a plantation?

Welcome to Plantation Obamawood.

Perhaps this math helps explain why housing prices in the Washington, D.C. metro area are reaching ALL TIME record highs.

“The median price of a home in the District reached its highest point in history last month,” says the Washington Post, “according to the latest data from RealEstate Business Intelligence, a subsidiary of MRIS.”

HIGHEST POINT IN HISTORY for D.C. We are all so surprised too that the government that’s spending the HIGHEST AMOUNT in HISTORY is supporting the HIGHEST REAL ESTATE PRICES EVEH for the metro area it Occupies. 

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John Ransom

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