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At the White House once I was regaling him with local news from Champaign (which he was always ready to hear), and I said, 'Blank is dead; his extremely disloyal sentiments so provoked his neighbors that there was serious talk of inflicting vengeance on him, and he was found dead in bed—caused largely by fright.' This man was an old Whig friend of Lincoln, but the reason of his exit from life's trials amused him. His comment was, 'He died, then, to save his life, it seems.'"- Lincoln's Own Stories, Anthony Gross, HARPER & BROTHERS PUBLISHERS NEW YORK AND LONDON, 1912

The fiscal cliff deal struck by the US Senate has all the makings of a good cartoon adventure story, including a guy with funny, floppy ears- sorry Harry Reid, (D) Ritz Carlton, Washington DC. OK, two guys with floppy ears- sorry Barack Obama, (D) DC-neyland.

Assisted by the finger of some bad guy- presumably he’s Tea Party-type- hovering over the blinking red button, a flashing a neon sign that reads “Do Not Press This Button!” and a comic opera scream in the background- thanks Chris Matthews- the Senate did what we knew they always would do.

They disarmed the ticking time bomb that threatens to bring us less government, not more; less spending, not more; more economy, not less.

Including taxes on the stinking rich- who are now officially defined as anyone who makes more than $400,000 per year- the Senate version of salvation also includes some old-fashioned pork barrel spending, token budget cuts and final price that adds $3.6 trillion to the deficit over ten years, according to the Congressional Budget Office

Included in the tab are subsidies that the government pays dairy farmers so that farmers aren’t forced, under the law, to charge us double the current price for milk.

Just substitute the word “milk” and “milking” with the words “cancer treatment” in the following sentence by explaining the “milk fix” the Senate passed: 

John Ransom

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