John Ransom

But it turns out that we were wrong says a coalition of government economists, politicians, liberal media-types, union bosses and elite business executives who get to shelter their earnings from tax increases.

In fairness to union boss Trumka, he, like many of us, says the fiscal cliff crisis is made up. He thinks the fiscal cliff has been invented as a cover to cut government spending, while others of us think it’s been made up to raise taxes. 

So the White House has very helpfully invited select business leaders, union leaders, government economists, and politicians to the Rose Garden to show us all how the world looks with the Rose Garden optics on.

"Our customers are working hard to adapt to the ‘new normal,' but their confidence is still very fragile," Walmart CEO Mike Duke said in a statement quoted by Reuters. "They are shopping for Christmas now and they don't need uncertainty over a tax increase."

See, we all thought that what we needed was jobs and money. But it turns out all we really need is the certainty of a tax increase, a little more confidence in it, and zoom, this economy’s new normal will be, um, normaler still. 

Ford’s CEO also hailed a “bipartisan” solution to tax increases, meaning “By all partisan means, please raise taxes in the name of all that’s not subject to a consumer protection recall.”

Funny how suddenly the federal government has the power to get business leaders, who in many ways are dependent upon the favor of the government, to flock the White House in support of raising taxes.

There used to be a time when the business of government was business. Now it seems that the business of business is government.

Obama gets THAT for sure.       

John Ransom

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