John Ransom

While Obama remains a great curiosity outside of the U.S., it’s largely his American-ness that draws the crowds, rather than some innate ability of his own.

A man comes from low beginnings and ascends to the White House.

That tale quintessentially remains the American strive-and-succeed story since Washington was first born poor and lowly in a kind-of log cabin.

While Washington is represented as a rich, privileged, white guy, the success Washington enjoyed and the wealth he built -- yes, built -- he earned by working hard on the dangerous and brutal, American frontier, going places often were few men traveled.         

Obama was not quite born in a log cabin, but a straw hut or a condo in Hawaii will do as well.

The Obama story also is another measurement of how far a free society-- through its own efforts-- can go toward healing centuries-old wrongs, without resorting to interminable blood-lettings that still feature so large in ethnic conflicts around the world.

That is not to say that ethic blood wasn’t spilled in America as atonement for much sin, but at least we learn.

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In this, Obama is also a measure of the eagerness with which Americans are anxious to redress old wrongs.

But there are two things that Obama’s story certainly are not.

And it is here that tale differs from the Washington story: It’s not a measure of the capacity of Barack Hussein Obama, nor yet his devotion to liberty.

John Ransom

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