John Ransom

I’ve hit Barack Obama so many times for being only partially formed person that it seems almost trite for me to bring it up again. It’s not just that his personality is rather plastic, but it’s also that he seems to want to conceal the real man deep inside of himself.

This duality of Obama has been so well-documented that it needs little exposition. 

But over the weekend, the Big Zero made such a startling admission for one seeking the presidency for a second time that it’s notable for what it reveals about Obama’s true feeling and what it reveals about our country.   

Speaking with a reporter in Colorado, Obama gave himself a grade of incomplete when asked to grade himself on the economy. And then, in almost an aside, he made an admission of a very different order. 

While most commentators are focused on his grade, it’s not his admission of the economic failure of the administration alone that disqualifies for a second term.

Rather it’s his admiration for one of the most despotic, authoritarian regimes in history that should give every American pause.    

“You know I would say incomplete,” Obama told us about his economic performance. “Historically after these big financial crises, where a lot of people are dealing with debt or a collapse of a housing market you know that creates a bigger challenges and we're seeing this not just in the United States but around the world. I mean Europe is going through a difficult time, parts of Asia, even China [Editor’s emphasis] are going through a difficult time right now."

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Even China?

Nothing displays the disconnect between Obama and most of the country than the phrase “even China.”

At what point did China become the measure of all things American? Or economic?

John Ransom

John Ransom’s writings on politics and finance have appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal, the Colorado Statesman, Pajamas Media and Registered Rep Magazine amongst others. Until 9/11, Ransom worked primarily in finance as an investment executive for NYSE member firm Raymond James and Associates, JW Charles and as a new business development executive at Mutual Service Corporation. He lives in San Diego. You can follow him on twitter @bamransom.

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