John Ransom

There’s a millstone hanging around the neck of the US economy.

And his name is Barack Obama.

Blame Bush if you want, but post-9/11, Bush’s policies got the country moving in the right direction after a hard right hook.

Blame Bush if you must, but the “blame Bush” mantra doesn’t change some critical facts:

You see, George Bush isn’t running for president of the United States. Barack Obama is; and voters seem to be aware of this fact, to the dismay, no doubt, of the White House.

“A New York Times/CBS News poll released Thursday,” wrote the Washington Times in April of this year, “didn’t ask voters about blame for the economy, but whether they thought an Obama re-election would improve their financial situations. Thirty-eight percent said it would have no effect; 33 percent said it would make their situations worse. Only 26 percent said a second Obama term would improve their economic situations.

You know why they say this? Because while the buck is supposed to stop on the president’s desk, the buck- and the bucks- never seems to stop with Obama.

Every time Obama blames Bush, he just reinforces how irrelevant President Scholarship has become.

President Invest-in-Clean-Energy has pretty much had it his own way since his coronation. He spent the money he asked for. If he wanted more, he had two years to ask for it, and Congress would have given it to him.

And despite brave talk from President High-Speed-Rail, he was better at writing books than he has been at being president. Or at least he hired better people to write books for him. 

Ah, yes, this is just another thing Sarah Palin was right about that the mainstream media couldn’t sniff out for themselves. I guess going to all those colleges worked out better for Palin than having say, one journalism degree from one school and working at one job- journalism- your whole life.

Betcha five bucks that one year under a Palin presidency- or a Bachmann, a Perry, a Romney, or a [shudder, shudder, shudder] (Hillary) Clinton presidency- that the unemployment arrow would be pointing the right way. 

John Ransom

John Ransom’s writings on politics and finance have appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal, the Colorado Statesman, Pajamas Media and Registered Rep Magazine amongst others. Until 9/11, Ransom worked primarily in finance as an investment executive for NYSE member firm Raymond James and Associates, JW Charles and as a new business development executive at Mutual Service Corporation. He lives in San Diego. You can follow him on twitter @bamransom.

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