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George257 wrote: As with any new technology, the first million purchasers are going to burn their fingers badly. It will be expensive until economies of scale kick in. But we have to wean ourselves off oil, unless you want the whole free world to continue funding the Muslims for the next few centuries until oil runs out anyway. – in response to Chevy Volt, Perfect Car for the One Percent, Suspends Production

Dear Comrade 257,

Um, I believe that electricity pre-dates gasoline as a power source. Look up: Franklin, Benjamin.

The only thing that is really “new” about electric cars is the persistency with which liberals try to impose poor engineering on to the laws of physics.

We have plenty of oil here in the U.S. if liberals- not just Obama- would let us develop and exploit it. While technically you are correct that “someday” we have to wean ourselves from oil, “someday” doesn’t have to be for another few hundred years.

UPDATE: One of my favorite readers Tina writes:

John Ransom

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