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When Mitch Daniels claimed that Obama and his Energy Secretary Steven Chu have a “conscious” policy of raising gas prices, the super hero fact checkers at the Halls of Social Justice and Income Inequality Redress, also known as the Washington Post, swung into action.

The Ambiguously Liberal Duo of the Post’s Glenn Kessler and Poster side-kick, Josh Hicks, headlined a rebuttal to Daniels titled: “Mitch Daniels’s unfounded claim: President Obama wanted higher gas prices.” Daniel’s claim was awarded a shameful 3 Pinocchios by Kessler, which is just below candidate Michelle Bachmann’s lifetime average of 3.08 Pinnochios.   .

“We can’t be sure why Daniels thinks the Obama administration had a ‘conscious policy’ of driving up gasoline prices,” writes Kessler disarmingly. “His office did not respond to questions about the matter.”

Remember it’s the first job of the environmental and hate-crime fighting Ambiguously Liberal Journalist to appear to be non-partisan.

A check mark for Kessler on that box.

The Post’s Fact Man continues to “appear” objective with his next paragraph too: “To the best of our knowledge, the president never said he wanted the cost of gasoline to rise. However, he did select Steven Chu to lead the Energy Department, and Chu clearly supported the idea of purposely raising prices — at least before he went to work for the federal government.”

We’ll get back to the last part in just a moment- you know the part where Obama picked a Secretary of Energy who advocated high gas prices as a good policy to follow?- but first, let’s do a simple internet search on Google under the string “higher gas prices obama a good thing.”

John Ransom

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