John Ransom
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John Ransom of updates Alexis Garcia and PJTV viewers on the Solyndra scandal. Solyndra executives invoked their constitutional rights and refused to talk to Congress. Can you blame them? Should Solyndra worry about a Chicago style set-up from the Obama Administration, and should they protect themselves by requesting a special prosecutor? (See Page 2 for Video Link) Here's a compilation of coverage of the Solyndra scandal from Townhall Finance:

Obama Creates Chicago Solution to Chicago Problem at Solyndra
Congress Likely to Cram Down Solyndra Billionaire
Solyndra Deal Allows Obama Billionaire to Get Paid Before Taxpayers
Obama's Solyndra Loans "Number One Priority" for House Investigating Committee Since Feb.
Obama's Solyndra-Gate Won't Go Away
Fraud Charges Floating for Obama Administration
New Day, a New White House Scandal: First Solyndra, Now LightSquared
Emails link Solyndra to Biden office
Obama's Pet Billionaire at Solyndra May Take White House Down

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John Ransom

John Ransom is the Finance Editor for Townhall Finance.