John Ransom

Boy the old liberals seem to have become awfully quiet recently. I guess that happens when your president’s approval rating dips to 35 percent in Pennsylvania. Maybe people still rely on coal in Pittsburgh.  

But that’s OK, because we have a new group of progressives who seem to be just as clueless as the old group.

You know I always thought it was George Soros who funded the trolls on the board, but given the vehemence with which progressives attacked on the Buffet column, maybe I had the wrong billionaire.


Dick Cheney’s Heart wrote: How can we forget Jack "Borg-sex in a cage, in front of a studio audience" Ryan? - in response to my column SEIU Puts Hood Back in Planned Parenthood  


Perfect example Dick.

Jack Ryan I believe quit his Senate race over those unsubstantiated allegations made in a child custody case that was sealed. He quit because Republicans don’t promote folks who have dirty laundry.

If he were a Democrat you guys would be running him for president of the United States, talking about what kind of underwear he has. There would be a Facebook group made up of liberal men and women who would admit to having had a dream that they had sex with him.

One more thing: Who was Jack Ryan going to run against in that race?

Barry (I-Swear-I'm-Not-an-Illegal-Immgrant-Muslim-from-Kenya) Obama, that’s who.

As Franklin Roosevelt once observed, these things don’t happen by accident.              

Jim wrote: Well, the progressive "elite" now find themselves at odds with the progressive hirelings. It's a question of who runs the plantation. - in response to my column SEIU Puts Hood Back in Planned Parenthood

Dear Jim,

The unions run the plantation. The reason is because the plantation cares about harvesting their one product: political contributions.  

John Ransom

John Ransom is the Finance Editor for Townhall Finance.

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