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“Unlike many unionizing campaigns, the workers at the local Planned Parenthoods don’t have a laundry list of complaints,” says the Mercury. “Instead, the drive for the union revolves around having more of a voice in the planning and administration of PPCW, as well as ‘gaining a livable wage for all staff’ and maintaining health benefits.” [My emphasis]

You know how greedy those capitalist non-profits are, always wanting a say in how their organization is run. What do they think this is a free society where non-profits have to be accountable to donors and funders?

Also complicating matters will be the PR hit that Planned Parenthood will take.

Combining an abortion provider with a local union, especially the blood-sucking SEIU, is a combination that only the devil himself could think up. Now Planned Parenthood has teamed up with union folks who know a thing or two about violence, threats and intimidation.

Maybe now they have a “talk” with babies during the third trimester and convince them to just spontaneously abort.

“You may also be hearing from your management that unionization will put you under the influence of outside interests and make you subject to the ‘union agenda,’” wrote progressive state legislator Michael Dembrow in an open letter to Planned Parenthood employees. No word whether he was holding a lead pipe in his hand as he wrote. “If so, they are simply following instructions from their outside HR consultants when they say that.”

Yes: Ignore management’s Vulcan mind meld and obey only the Collective.

It’s an offer Planned Parenthood really can’t refuse.

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