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It’s good to know that at a time you can’t get Democrats to declare war on Libya while they engage in war on Libya, they are at least willing to declare war on their real enemy, freedom of the press. 

Ben Smith of Politico reports that Media Matters for America has “declared war” on Fox News and other conservative news sites.

Media Matters is a liberal front that does rapid response for the Democrats in order to combat conservative news outlets. Selling a bad set of ideas, while using a tone deaf message, has at least made Democrats resourceful, if even revolutionary.

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“Media Matters,” writes Smith, “is assembling opposition research files not only on Fox’s top executives but on a series of midlevel officials. It has hired an activist who has led a successful campaign to press advertisers to avoid Glenn Beck’s show. The group is assembling a legal team to help people who have clashed with Fox to file lawsuits for defamation, invasion of privacy or other causes.”

Nixon had an enemies list; Democrats have Media Matters.

Clearly the liberals, lead by George Soros- one of the few avowed Media Matters funders- are desperate to do anything to get back control of a press corps that they monopolized for 40 years, even if it means scrapping freedom of the press.

That’s because Americans are becoming disenchanted with a Democrat Party that makes California’s moonbat governor Jerry Brown look like a conservative by comparison. At least Brown submitted a budget, something Democrats in Congress couldn’t do. 

John Ransom

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