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Well you have to give him credit for sheer brass. The new head of the IRS, who was brought in to the agency to ‘restore trust’, sat before the Senate Finance committee recently and informed them that he wanted more money for the agency. Apparently Obamacare involves a whole host of new taxes, or, um, penalties. So, the forced transfer of money from people to the government in order to purchase government coverage has the odd quality of being a different thing depending on who the administration is arguing with. For the general public, during campaign and TV appearances with, for example, George Stephanopolous, the payments are penalties, because if they were taxes, then the program would be a violation of solemn campaign vows that there would be no tax hikes on the middle class. But since the US Constitution does not give the federal government the power to impose a penalty on all citizens, the money has to be characterized as a tax in order to get through the courts. And, of course, it’s the IRS which is shaking the trees looking for new money to hire new Obamacare monetary extraction officers, and so the façade that these are not taxes has fallen away entirely.

Neil Cavuto had me as a guest on his eponymous television show to discuss the new IRS chief’s request for additional revenuers. Here’s the transcript:

Neil Cavuto: “”Koskinen… John Koskinen.” Okay, not quite, “Bond… James Bond,” but the new guy at the IRS apparently wants to make just as big an impression. Word is that Mr. Koskinen’s push to get the deserve it, and [that] with all the IRS abuses he shouldn’t get it. Jerry Bowyer, big critic of government overreach, says he shouldn’t ever get it, ever ever ever ever! Jerry joins us right now. Jerry, why not?”

Jerry Bowyer: “Well, I think you said it: because it’s government overreach. By the way, I like that James Bond angle.”

Neil: “Thank you. I worked on that for minutes…”

Jerry: “Minutes at a time. I think the senate finance committee was shaken but not quite stirred by his arguments.”

Neil: “Touché. You are so smart and quick, it’s like scary, but go ahead.”

Jerry Bowyer

Jerry Bowyer is a radio and television talk show host.


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