Heidi Harris

Posted November 26, 2014

Every day theres another story about women who have been raped, or claim to have been raped, by famous and not so famous people. Most men are dumfounded by the women who have kept silent. If she was really RAPED, why didnt she go to the police and report it THEN?

Posted April 17, 2014

I heard a rumor that some sensitive folks on the religious right are concerned about the possibility of the GOP 2016 convention being held in my beloved hometown, that den of iniquity known as Las Vegas. I have to admit, I’m puzzled...

Posted September 22, 2013

What would the IBAP say about the money I spend on Rimadyl, or the GALLONS of Nature’s Miracle I clean my carpet with, or special food I give her? She’s 100 years old, in dog years. She’s lived a good life, and I have other dogs, so why bother?

Posted November 09, 2012

The same women who have a baby (a permanent decision) with a loser without thinking about the long term consequences are Obama supporters.

Posted October 23, 2012

Most religious conservatives don’t care who uses birth control, but the Sandra Fluke crowd thinks I should pay for hers. Let me get this straight: you want me “out of your bedroom”, but you want me to stock your nightstand?

Posted February 21, 2012

It’s time to wake up the rest of the people. You know, the ones who depend on ME to subsidize their transportation, their food, diapers, rent, birth control, and everything else I foolishly toil to provide for myself.

Posted September 26, 2011

I honestly don’t have a simple solution for teens who are brought here illegally as children, but then again, I’m not running for President. Send them home? Home where? Let them stay? You’re rewarding their parents’ lawbreaking, and encouraging the next wave of parents to do the same.

Posted September 19, 2011

It always sounds good to those “less fortunate” to make those “more fortunate” pay all the bills, regardless of whether their lack of “fortune” is related to laziness, bad decisions, or anything else in their control. With the exception of inherited wealth, the “fortunate” have earned their money, through innovation and motivation.

Posted August 07, 2011

Even a rat in a maze will adjust his behavior sooner or later, especially when he keeps hitting the wall that doesn’t open up and give him the reward. But Obama is hell bent on destroying our economy, making decisions that even a first year economics student would find ridiculous.

Posted July 25, 2011

I don’t know how Debbie Wasserman Schultz was raised, but I had a younger brother that I was not allowed to hit. Of course I did anyway, on more than one occasion, so I was reprimanded and warned that “one day he’ll be bigger than you”.

Posted July 20, 2011

Alas, we’re stuck with Obama, at least for now. And Harry Reid, whom Steve Wynn also supported. Thanks a lot, Steve.

Posted July 15, 2011

I asked Herman Cain last week on my show, “When do you own a nation’s problems? When do you stop blaming the previous coach, CEO, administration, etc.?” “Day one”, said the man who knows how to solve problems.


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