Fritz Pfister

Never in our lifetimes has the media bias ever been so blatant and bold. It is to the point thoughtful people realize they don’t know who to trust. The cabal of the main stream liberal media and the Obama campaign runs counter to the very trust the founders placed in the press.

Thoughtful people recognize the blatant deception of an administration blaming the murder of an unprotected American Ambassador, three of his staff, and attacks on U.S embassies in dozens of nations on a movie trailer.

Thoughtful people can see the manipulation of polls and the reporting on those polls as nothing more than an attempt by the liberal media to influence the election in lieu of reporting on the election. Countless media polls oversampling Democrats and under sampling Independents achieves a desired outcome and not the truth.

The Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer hires his own IG to investigate the AG’s role in Fast and Furious, and viola is vindicated. Thoughtful people are suspicious.

Mitt Romney speaks the truth about the 47% who don’t pay any federal income taxes and the corrupt cabal attacks saying this proves Romney doesn’t care about all the people. The goal is personal destruction by creating and reporting a false narrative, diverting attention from Obama’s epic failure on the economy and foreign policy. Thoughtful people are suspicious.

A tape comes out from Obama as a State Senator confirming his belief in redistribution and the corrupt media doesn’t play or down plays the story. After all Obama already confirmed his belief in redistribution the past three and a half years with his class warfare attack on the successful, fallaciously stating they don’t pay their fair share. Thoughtful people are suspicious.

Now comes the housing reports. New home construction was up 2% as August housing starts was a disappointment, reported at 750K on expectations of a rise to 767K from last month’s 746K, now revised lower to 733K. The cabal omitted the fact that the ten year average for new home starts is 1.2 million.

The cabal was ecstatic when Realtors reported sales of existing homes ’surged’ to an annualized rate of 4.86 million, better than ‘expected’ 4.6 million, the best since 2010.

Perhaps these reports could have been placed in proper perspective if compared to ‘normal’ levels. The Realtors association after years of saying 6 million sales was considered a ‘normal’ level have had to adjust due to the new and improved Obama economy down to 5.6 million as ‘normal’. As good as the 7.8% increase sounds, 4.86 million is a lot less than 5.6 million in my math book.

Fritz Pfister

Fritz began his Real Estate career in 1987 and has been with RE/MAX since 1989.

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