Doug Fabian

Posted September 02, 2015

To describe last week as anything but the epitome of craziness would be the height of understatement.

Posted September 01, 2015

Even in market areas that are underperforming, there always are some stocks and funds that hold up better than the rest, demonstrating remarkable relative strength.

Posted August 24, 2015

This article will focus on the top-performing U.S. domestic dividend equity fund for the first half of 2015, following our recent series on top international dividend exchange-traded funds (ETFs), DFE, DLS and IHDG.

Posted August 21, 2015

Theres no Goldilocks in the markets right now. There are only the three bears and those bears are growling with ferocity.

Posted August 18, 2015

Todays column features the third-best performer among international dividend funds for the first half of 2015: WisdomTree International Hedged Dividend Growth Fund (IHDG).

Posted August 10, 2015

Its August, and its hot in my hometown here in Southern California. Its even hotter in Las Vegas, where Im writing to you today while attending a business conference.

Posted August 10, 2015

The WisdomTree International SmallCap Dividend Fund (DLS) is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in non-U.S. dividend-paying securities.

Posted August 04, 2015

One of the most startling charts Ive seen in a long time is the DB Commodities Tracking Index Fund (DBC).

Posted August 03, 2015

The appeal of a dividend-oriented strategy is clear and established.

Posted July 31, 2015

This article features First Trust Dorsey Wright Focus 5 ETF (FV), the third-ranked U.S. equity exchange-traded fund (ETF) for the first half of 2015.

Posted July 21, 2015

Although success has been difficult to find in the market for the first half of 2015, some exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have eked out impressive gains.

Posted July 20, 2015

Greetings from the San Francisco MoneyShow!

Posted July 15, 2015

There was a whole lot of crazy in the markets last week. From Greece to China to the corner of Wall St. and Broad St., things were indeed wild.

Posted July 14, 2015

The first half of 2015 has seen markets land relatively flat, with minimal upside to be found in broad market indices.

Posted July 04, 2015

A business development company (BDC) is one that helps relatively small companies to grow and to develop, primarily by providing loans and capital investments. Investors can buy shares in public BDCs to gain exposure to the small private companies they finance, as well as the BDCs themselves. Todays featured fund, BDC Income ETF (BIZD), pools together a collection of BDCs and offers a high dividend yield.

Posted July 03, 2015

The first half of the year is already over. Yes, I know it feels like we just kicked off 2015, but this weekend we celebrate our nations birthday. To me, the July 4th holiday represents the unofficial break before we get back to business in the second half of the year.

Posted June 29, 2015

Conventional wisdom explains that it is vitally important for any investor to diversify his or her holdings.

Posted June 23, 2015

Dividend-bearing investments can be found in a variety of places, and there are many choices.

Posted June 22, 2015

If youre an exchange-traded fund (ETF) investor like me, then you are always looking for trends that can make you money.

Posted June 13, 2015

In last weeks issue, I wrote about the pending tailwind in Chinas A-shares market, as the world awaited the decision by MSCI on whether they were going to include China A-shares in their emerging market index.