Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave,

My fiancée has a small photography business, and she wants to form a partnership with a college student who is majoring in business. I think this is a bad plan, but I’m pretty sure she’s not going to listen to me. What do you think about the idea?


Dear Bruce,

A partnership is always a bad idea. There’s absolutely no upside for her, and if you feel there’s nothing you can do to keep her from making such a ridiculously bad mistake, then you guys are going to have issues in your marriage, too. It sounds like she’s looking for emotional support combined with some business acumen. But that doesn’t mean she needs a partner, and she definitely doesn’t need one who’s still in school and has no experience.

If she feels like she needs help, there are ways to do it without turning this into a partnership. She could hire this person and let them share in profits while she owns 100 percent of the business. That’s not a bad idea at all. But she needs to stop and take a breath, because if she walks headfirst into creating a partnership with this person, she’ll most likely lose clients, then sections of her business and finally a friend. On top of it all, it will create marriage strife.

As I said before, partnerships are never a good idea. But this situation goes much deeper than business practices. You two must learn to listen to each other’s instincts and make decisions together. If you can’t do that, then you don’t need to get married. And by the way, this is not an issue about the husband being the boss. You should be willing to listen to that little voice inside her, too, when it says something doesn’t seem right!


Dear Dave,

I’m thinking about selling my business to a corporation. If I do this, I’d continue to work there for a couple of years after the sale. I’m not sure about the feelings I’ll have during this time, plus I worry about how the new ownership will treat my team after the sale. Do you have any advice for someone in this situation?


Dear Paul,

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, popular national radio personality and the author of three New York Times bestsellers.
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