Sat, Jul 12, 2014

Mike Shedlock | July 12, 2014

A number of people commented the Fed cannot be so stupid as to think there is no asset bubble.

Charles Payne | July 12, 2014

Have we entered into a permanent new phase in America where the rich have it and flaunt it while the poor simply get by as each day gets harder and harder?

John Ransom | July 12, 2014

According to Gallup Obama’s popularity with Muslims is just five percentage points below his average of 77 percent that he enjoyed from 2009 to 2014.

Doug Fabian | July 12, 2014

?India, one of the most populous nations on Earth, is an interesting country for investors because it holds the promise of significant growth potential.

Chris Versace | July 12, 2014

Remember that investing is a process, and only by performing this autopsy-like analysis will you understand what went right and why.

Paul Dykewicz | July 12, 2014

Official measures of U.S. inflation already are above 2 percent. The risk is that the Fed will need to respond to prop up the dollar’s value or incur a dollar crisis with runaway inflation.

Night Watch | July 12, 2014

Ba'athist militants have started "a systematic assassination campaign" against ISIL commanders in areas under their joint control in Diyala Governorate.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 12, 2014

Why do statists make so many mistakes with data? Paul Krugman, for instance, has butchered numbers when writing about fiscal policy in nations such asFrance, Estonia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Peter Morici | July 12, 2014

Changes in technology and the economy that permit businesses to use capital far more efficiently will likely drive equities much higher.

Ransom Notes Radio | July 12, 2014

The Federal Reserve seems to be completely abandoning its role as the reserve bank of the United States… And, of course, the rest of the government isn’t exactly doing a phenomenal job of boosting our economy. Steve Forbes spoke to John about the proper role of government in the free markets.

Fri, Jul 11, 2014

Bill Tatro | July 11, 2014

First let’s understand that impeachment is not removal. It is not even a trial. Impeachment, under Article II of the United States Constitution (Section IV), is analogous to indictment in regular court proceedings.

Ransom Notes Radio | July 11, 2014

Live from FreedomFest 2014! John joins the airwaves from beautiful Las Vegas, to talk about the President’s uncanny ability to avoid doing actual work.

Mike Shedlock | July 11, 2014

Under "unfair competition" laws France has decided it is far better for consumers to pay full price for goods than to receive a discount.

Charles Payne | July 11, 2014

Nice rebound yesterday- just in time as another down session would have spooked a lot of the investors who have simply become complacent.

Michael Schaus | July 11, 2014

Like many pet projects that are adopted by Liberal millionaire activists, Michael Bloomberg’s crusade against legal gun ownership has showcased the New Yorker’s disdain for average Americans… Again.

John Ransom | July 11, 2014

Obama played pool and drank a beer with Colorado's Governor Irrelevant, John Hickenlooper. The last time Hickenlooper saw his shadow, he was admitting he didn't understand the legislation that May Michael Bloomberg of New York city had passed in Hick's state of Colorado.

Erick Erickson | July 11, 2014

Speaker John Boehner intends to draft legislation in the House of Representatives that would authorize a suit against the president of the United States. The legislation would only pertain to the House, so it would not need the Senate's consent. Given the partisan composition of the House, the legislation will pass. Speaker Boehner will use taxpayer dollars to sue President Obama over President Obama's use, or disuse, of his powers.

Thu, Jul 10, 2014

Michael Schaus | July 10, 2014

Christiana Figueres has suggested that only communism is capable of successfully fighting global warming and “climate change”. Of course it’s a strange statement, given the Soviet Union’s abysmal record on environmental issues, and red China’s horrific display of environmental abuse.

Mike Shedlock | July 10, 2014

Real estate is well back in bubble territory in some places, notably California. It won't end any differently this time for the buyers, but at least banks will not be on the hook for all of the loans.

Charles Payne | July 10, 2014

We are always enthralled and enamored with rags-to-riches stories that layout a blueprint that includes risk-taking, hard work, and commitment. Yet, when it comes to changing our own lives, such attributes are checked at the door in favor of safety.

John Ransom | July 10, 2014

Reforming illegal immigration or the 74,000-page tax code would be way too burdensome. Think of how fair that would be for Obama to enforce then.

Night Watch | July 10, 2014

ISIL is acting quickly to eliminate rivals and malcontents, especially their leaders. The so-called Caliph is reported to have had 13 imams executed over the weekend in Mosul.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 10, 2014

I suspect advocates of economic liberty and smaller government won’t win the debate unless we augment our arguments by also making the moral case against government-sanctioned theft.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | July 10, 2014

In what appears to be one of Edward Snowden's final revelations, the former CIA and NSA agent has demonstrated conclusively that the National Security Agency has collected and analyzed the contents of emails, text messages, and mobile and landline telephone calls from nine non-targeted U.S. residents for every one U.S. resident it has targeted.

Wed, Jul 09, 2014

Michael Schaus | July 09, 2014

Hooray! Higher gas prices! And this hike in prices, of course, will conveniently coincide with increased inflation, stagnating wages, record joblessness, and anemic economic growth. (Haven’t we seen this movie before?)

Mike Shedlock | July 09, 2014

Over 52,000 illegal immigrant kids and 39,000 families have been apprehended this year alone, flooding into the US primarily from Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Charles Payne | July 09, 2014

It remains to be seen, but it's really amazing that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

John Ransom | July 09, 2014

Libertarian alert. More righteous indignation from people who think that covering our eyes and plugging our ears and singing la, la, la, la is a national defense strategy.

Political Calculations | July 09, 2014

From 2007 through mid-2009, the federal minimum wage was increased by over 40%. Combined with other minimum wage hikes at the state and local level and low inflation in the U.S. in the years since, there has effectively been no recovery for teen jobs in the United States:

Night Watch | July 09, 2014

The government and the Palestinian leaders are under pressure to escalate the crisis. Hamas has challenged the Palestinian Authority to join the fight.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 09, 2014

Over the past several years, I’ve repeatedly argued that you get more unemployment when the government pays people to be unemployed. But I’m not just relying on theory. I’ve cited both anecdotes and empirical research to bolster my case.

Dr. Ben Carson | July 09, 2014

It's fortunate the Supreme Court of the United States saw it fit last week to rule that corporations could not be coerced into covering religiously objectionable forms of birth control for their employees.

Nick Sorrentino | July 09, 2014

?OK, I think there are any number of reasons why Ms. Clinton should not be considered for the presidency. But I guess I need to add delusion to the list.

Tue, Jul 08, 2014

Michael Schaus | July 08, 2014

Don’t forget what John Maynard Keynes pointed out when advocating for increased government spending: “In the long run, we’re all dead.” Of course, he never said we’d be able to afford the coffin.

Mike Shedlock | July 08, 2014

Let's take a look at disturbing aspects of censorship, in which thousands of references to people have virtually disappeared from the internet following an EU ruling on the "Right to Be Forgotten" in which individuals have the right to ask search engines to remove links with personal information about them.

Charles Payne | July 08, 2014

Okay, we've had a chance to celebrate our nation's independence and a chance to digest the jobs report released last Thursday to a light viewing audience on Wall Street and a small percentage of the general public.

John Ransom | July 08, 2014

What black people in Chicago need is their very own Tea Party. And a Republican Party that has just a hint of imagination when it comes to helping the historic black constituency that it was first formed to protect.

Night Watch | July 08, 2014

The North Korean leaders want the South Korean younger people to act as their agents of change. South Koreans strongly favor some of the terms, such as more frequent people-to-people exchanges.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 08, 2014

I’ve shared lots of data and evidence about the harmful economic impact of government spending. Simply stated, budgetary outlays divert resources from more productive uses. And this results in labor and capital being misallocated, leading to less economic output.

Jerry Bowyer | July 08, 2014

Last week I attempted to ignite a debate (not a revolt) about the State of America now compared to 238 years ago, when we abolished the authority of the British government over our affairs.

Ralph Benko | July 08, 2014

This near-perfect volume appears with almost preternaturally perfect timing around the centenary of the beginning of World War I and, with that, the end of the classical gold standard.

Bill Tatro | July 08, 2014

Most recently we’ve learned that the Federal Reserve has discussed “Gating” bond funds. Apparently, in their quest to keep the persona of American wealth and recovery alive and well, they are suggesting that the stock market and not the bond market is the place to be for everyone.

Ransom Notes Radio | July 08, 2014

Katie Pavlich joined the program to talk about the “war on women” and her new book… Stunningly, she doesn’t seem to buy into the Obama-style gender wars…

Mon, Jul 07, 2014

Michael Schaus | July 07, 2014

Sure, King George never shoved universal healthcare down the throats of our Patriot founders; but he did enact taxes, regulation, and tariffs, with little more than a stroke of a pen. (No word, yet, on how often he decided to play golf...)

Mike Shedlock | July 07, 2014

Here is a sentence at that heart of Noah's brain worm infection: "Massive torrents of Fed “money-printing” failed to budge prices; this fact directly cracked the central foundations of Austrian thought."

John Ransom | July 07, 2014

Obama reached the high water mark in his presidency in June of 2009 with a 59 percent approval rating that again, was largely a measure of how badly Americans wanted the first black president in the history of the country to succeed.

Political Calculations | July 07, 2014

If a new stable trend develops, it would be a very positive development for the U.S. housing market, as another major collapse in home prices would be unlikely.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 07, 2014

If you believe Nancy Pelosi, unemployment handouts actually are good for the economy!

Sun, Jul 06, 2014

Mike Shedlock | July 06, 2014

One can compare seasonally-adjusted full-time employment this month to seasonally-adjusted full-time employment last month. Doing so shows a decline in full-time employment of 523,000!

Political Calculations | July 06, 2014

Unlike in the fourth quarter of 2012, which set the record for the greatest number of extra dividends paid as part of the Great Dividend Raid, there wouldn't seem to be an obvious tax avoidance strategy at work during the first six months of 2014.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 06, 2014

Today’s question deals with the part of the tax system is most harmful to the economy, on a per-dollar-collected basis.

Edith Lank | July 06, 2014


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