Sat, May 31, 2014

Mike Shedlock | May 31, 2014

As boomers and gen-Xers hand over the economic reins to millennials, a once in a multi-generational attitude shift comes with it.

Charles Payne | May 31, 2014

Two news items on employment and income shocked the nation, although for different reasons. The news provided fodder for those critical of capitalism and champions for "fairness" in America.

John Ransom | May 31, 2014

Since they can't blame the weather in April, what's the rationale to explain how they missed the decline in consumer spending? They blame the weather of course-- again.

Doug Fabian | May 31, 2014

Small exchange-traded fund (ETF) providers can sometimes craft interesting alternative strategies for investors.

Chris Versace | May 31, 2014

We are two-thirds through the current quarter, and while there are signs it is far stronger than the March quarter, we’re still looking in the rear-view mirror this week.

Night Watch | May 31, 2014

The separatists have destroyed several helicopters in the past month, but those were destroyed on or near the ground. Today's downing raises suspicions about the nature and extent of separatist weapons stocks and the possibility of outside supply.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 31, 2014

On many occasions, I’ve explained that economic output is a function of how much labor and capital are productively utilized.

Peter Morici | May 31, 2014

In a major address at West Point, President Obama once again sought to articulate a foreign policy that places greater emphasis on diplomacy, economic leverage and recourse to international law.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 31, 2014

Howard Dean said that the real problem is the media… Apparently he thinks Obama’s foreign policy is “too sophisticated” for the media to understand. Also, Seattle recently upped their minimum wage to 27 dollars per hour. (As if Starbucks coffee wasn’t expensive enough already.)

Fri, May 30, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 30, 2014

Putin is getting the Soviet band back together and the Middle East is engaged in a shooting war over who hates Americans more… Either Obama’s brilliant plan to create world peace has gone horribly wrong, or he really has no idea what he’s doing.

Mike Shedlock | May 30, 2014

French President Francois Hollande hiked income taxes, VAT and corporation tax following his election two years ago. Hollande estimated those tax hikes would raise €30 Billion in revenue.

Charles Payne | May 30, 2014

The new Google electric car was unveiled this week, which can only be described as cute, but hardly designed for most Americans. We gleefully welcome all innovations with open arms...even when they come with limited leg space.

John Ransom | May 30, 2014

A lame-duck president, lacking even the bully pulpit with his base, is death; death by midterm, which in most liberal states has been declared cruel and unusual punishment even for the most hardened Democrats.

Doug Fabian | May 30, 2014

For every bull out there arguing in favor of a rebound in the Chinese economy and stock market, there are an equal (perhaps greater) number of bears proclaiming that China’s economic data cannot be trusted.

Night Watch | May 30, 2014

Infighting has increased since the death by drone attack of Hakimullah Mehsud last year. There are numerous reasons for the infighting. Only a few of them are known in the open source domain.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 30, 2014

Well, another loser killed a bunch of people, this time in Santa Barbara, California. Which gives gun control zealots an opportunity to seize upon the tragedy to recycle their calls to restrict private firearms ownership and otherwise erode the Second Amendment.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 30, 2014

Obama’s “recovery” continues to surprise. Despite the fact that GDP contracted in the first part of the year, some Keynesian cheerleaders in the media are determined to spin the numbers as “good news” for the economy.

Bill Tatro | May 30, 2014

According to most liberals, mainstream media (perhaps one and the same) and Wall Street pundits “No one credible thinks this is the beginning of a new recession.”

Thu, May 29, 2014

Erick Erickson | May 29, 2014

Crime may be falling in the country, but mass murder seems to be increasing if only through perception and news coverage. Another young man in California decided to take lives because he was unhappy with his own.

Michael Schaus | May 29, 2014

Apparently, the FDA has no real clue about what, if any, health effects nicotine-water-vapor has on someone’s lungs… Which, according to the government, is why we need to start regulating the heck out of the industry.

Mike Shedlock | May 29, 2014

Assume for a second, every application was perfectly written. There would still be too many people seeking jobs, than jobs exist.

Charles Payne | May 29, 2014

In 1976, 'I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going take this anymore,' was one of the most memorable quotes in movie history. It became an instant classic and matched the mood of the nation.

John Ransom | May 29, 2014

So John Kerry went on national TV yesterday to triple double dog dare Edward Snowden to come back from Russia. For the death penalty? Or life in prison?

Nicholas Vardy | May 29, 2014

For all its fans among those seeking enlightenment, not everyone has a high opinion of India.

Night Watch | May 29, 2014

The general incompetence of Nigerian forces makes suspect any claim that they have found the location of the kidnapped girls. That claim almost certainly is a hoax to try to make the government look less bumbling.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 29, 2014

If you appreciate the common-sense notion of the Laffer Curve, you’re in for a treat.

Bob Goldman | May 29, 2014

Let's be honest here -- you need a jolt.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 29, 2014

We’re basically “supporting” Ukraine by sending them some pocket change, two twelve packs of diet soda, and other “non-lethal” aid… But we’re still giving RPGs and AK-47s to Syrian Islamists, right? Is anyone doing a background check on these weapon transfers?

Nick Sorrentino | May 29, 2014

We are so conditioned to the idea that the cost of renting money fundamentally should be determined by a central bank that most don’t think anything of monetary policy.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | May 29, 2014

With heart-pounding suspense, John le Carre-like intrigue and Jeffersonian fidelity to the principles of human freedom, Glenn Greenwald has just published "No Place to Hide." The book, which reads like a thriller, is Greenwald's story of his nonstop two weeks of work in May and June of 2013 in Hong Kong with former CIA agent and NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden. Greenwald was the point person who coordinated the public release of the 1.7 million pages of NSA documents that Snowden took with him in order to prove definitively that the federal government is spying on all of us all the time.

Wed, May 28, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson | May 28, 2014

More discussion on the topic of pragmatism and politics is critical. If conservatives decide to take their marbles and go home rather than fight to the bitter end because they feel their principles have been compromised, they will needlessly subject future generations to untold misery.

Mike Shedlock | May 28, 2014

The US treasury market is not in sync with the widely held belief the economy is growing stronger. A single chart clearly shows what I mean.

Charles Payne | May 28, 2014

Business Week captured the latest gimmick to adjust an economy in Europe in a single word, which also explains why socialists tendencies and nations that become Welfare Utopias, find it difficult to re-embrace the tenants of free markets.

John Ransom | May 28, 2014

Obama may not have been able to make the sea recede- by the way, what kind of a lunatic promises that? That’s a question for my Democrat friends—but Clinton sure made the world a colder place.

Political Calculations | May 28, 2014

From time to time, we encounter some really strange comments from people who are generally well respected in the world of stock market analysis.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 28, 2014

I believe in free markets and small government, and I’m also againstWashington corruption. Which is why I want to abolish the Department of Agriculture.

Bill Tatro | May 28, 2014

When I watch and listen to Mario Draghi talk about the various strategies to revitalize Europe I am constantly reminded of his greatest fear-DEFLATION.

Nick Sorrentino | May 28, 2014

The short answer is yes. Don’t worry Democrats (and Republicans) Hillary will be plenty liberal or “progressive” or whatever the word for statist will be in 2016.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 28, 2014

Labor Secretary Tom Perez, says we should be more focused on the “community” than the “individual”… After all, that’s clearly how people like Obama and Perez got where they are in life. Mark Skousen also joined the show to talk about individuals, prosperity, and big government.

Peter Morici | May 28, 2014

To head off a tough bout with stagflation—slow growth and high inflation—the Federal Reserve should start raising interest rates soon.

Tue, May 27, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 27, 2014

The European ruling class might have gotten their first glimpse at pitchforks and torches over the weekend when anti-EU parties made gains across the continent.

Mike Shedlock | May 27, 2014

Congratulations for a well-deserved victory for the Eurosceptics. That said, don't expect much change.

John Ransom | May 27, 2014

While we enjoy picnics, they are at war. Still. Really at war: right now, today, this very minute.

Political Calculations | May 27, 2014

What does it mean to say that stock prices will "revert to their mean"? After all, aren't stock prices supposed to be random?

Night Watch | May 27, 2014

Ukraine's new president seems like he will support aggressive combat operations against the eastern separatists. He said he wants peace; and suppressing the secession is how he intends to obtain it.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 27, 2014

Keynesian economics is a failure. No matter where’s it’s been tried, it’s been a flop. So why, whenever there’s a downturn, do politicians resuscitate the idea that bigger government will “stimulate” the economy?

Ralph Benko | May 27, 2014

Restoring “consent of the governed” is not about Right versus Left. It is about setting up a system to restore control of Congress to us outsiders, the people, over the insiders and the special interests.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 27, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson joined the program to talk about personal responsibility and individual accountability. Also, Michael Schaus talked about the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Mon, May 26, 2014

Paul Dykewicz | May 26, 2014

J.P. Morgan Chase’s (NYSE: JPM) announcement that it will invest $100 million in Detroit during the next five years exemplifies the critical importance of private sector involvement in spurring an economic renaissance.

Michael Schaus | May 26, 2014

Memorial Day is designed to let the bereaved take solace in knowing that their mourning is not in isolation, or without gratitude.

John Ransom | May 26, 2014

Seth Meyers, Lindsay Lohan, Mackelmore, and Leonardo DiCaprio all get the newest amenities in urban chic. And now some want to make taxpayers pay for it.

Political Calculations | May 26, 2014

There's no guarantee that an investor relying upon technical analysis will make the correct investment decision given the same technical signal.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 26, 2014

Now known as the Latin Tiger, Chile has become the richest nation in the region, thanks to a big increase in economic liberty. Will politicians kill the Tiger?

Chris Edwards | May 26, 2014

President Bush promised that DHS would “improve efficiency without growing government.” Ha!

Michael Tanner | May 26, 2014

Former Polish deputy prime minister and finance minister Leszek Balcerowicz, will be honored with the Cato Institute’s biennial Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty.

Nick Sorrentino | May 26, 2014

If indeed Piketty “fudged” his data as the Financial Times claims that is just another reason Mr. Pikkety is not the heavyweight some thought he was.

Mike Shedlock | May 26, 2014

Many truck drivers thought it would never happen. Most mentioned insurance issues. Yes, there are problems, but time has marched on even quicker than I thought.

Sun, May 25, 2014

Larry Kudlow | May 25, 2014

So perhaps Democrats and Republicans will get together to sack VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. But that won't change a thing. In fact, it's a distraction.

Paul Dykewicz | May 25, 2014

Doling out government funding is a “zero-sum game” in which a limited amount of money is available and lawmakers are put in the awkward position of needing to “rob Peter to pay Paul.”

John Ransom | May 25, 2014

Dictators bent on expansion, especially ones who believe that their next opponent will be tougher than the current opponent, are going to go as far as they can until someone stops them.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 25, 2014

So why is it against the law to buy and sell kidneys, particularly when the actual buyers and sellers – by definition – both benefit?

Edith Lank | May 25, 2014

Bob Goldman | May 25, 2014

Peter Schiff | May 25, 2014

These two months together annualize at 6.6% inflation. So already there is very little wiggle room, if any, before the Fed reaches the point where even its dovish leaders should admit that inflation is a problem.


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