Sat, May 10, 2014

Mike Shedlock | May 10, 2014

Recovery talk goes on and on. Assuming there is a genuine recovery as opposed to a financial recovery, where would one most likely find evidence?

Charles Payne | May 10, 2014

If reports are right, this is one heck of a story that includes the passion of a thinker, an improbable rise of a kid from the ghetto, along with gangster moves in the world of business.

John Ransom | May 10, 2014

$5 trillion for Wall Street, but not one dollar for African-Americans.

Mark Skousen | May 10, 2014

Is it really getting hotter and should we be worried? “Global warming” is being blamed for every conceivable natural disaster, whether it involves severe cold in the Northeast this past winter or flooding in Miami.

Chris Versace | May 10, 2014

One of the more common dangers during volatile times in the stock market is giving in to frustration.

Night Watch | May 10, 2014

Islamist Extremists in Afghanistan have stated that "if the invaders or their internal stooges believe that reducing the number of foreign forces will dampen our Jihadi fervor then they are sadly mistaken."

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 10, 2014

More than three years ago, I wrote that the Department of Transportation should be dismantled for the simple reason that we’ll get better roads at lower cost with the federalist approach of returning responsibility to state and local governments.

Jerry Bowyer | May 10, 2014

Continuing my interview with the great philosopher Michael Novak about his book, Writing From Left to Right, Novak talks about the working class commonsense he learned from his family growing up as a Democrat.

Fri, May 09, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 09, 2014

According to Google, the conservative news site has failed to produce an adequate amount of “original content” to continue utilizing the internet advertising tool provided by Google.

Mike Shedlock | May 09, 2014

In light of the enormous discrepancy between the Household Survey and the Establishment Survey in last Friday's jobs report, I thought it might be worthwhile to revisit the discrepancy between Gallup and the BLS that I have talked about before.

Charles Payne | May 09, 2014

The minimum wage debate has gone from irresponsible to obscene. Now, there is chatter out of California that they will hike their minimum wage to as much as $26 an hour.

Nicholas Vardy | May 09, 2014

Last week’s news that China’s economy is set to overtake the U.S. economy in size by the end of this year was greeted with a collective yawn by the U.S. financial press. It’s easy to see why. China bulls have had a rough five years.

Doug Fabian | May 09, 2014

I doubt that very many market mavens thought that Egypt would be the best-performing sector in the market through the first third of the year, but that’s what’s happened. I also doubt that many had selected gold mining stocks as potential big winners.

John Ransom | May 09, 2014

We were right about the stimulus, we were right about jobs, we were right about Obama being a socialist of some variety, we were right about Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Benghazi.

Night Watch | May 09, 2014

In this scenario, the delay request is a ploy that Russia knows will be rejected but will prove Russia's lack of control and honest intentions.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 09, 2014

The Census Bureau just released a report on America’s aging population. The big takeaway is that our population will be getting much older between now and 2050.

Erick Erickson | May 09, 2014

The Republican civil war, as the press refers to it, will come to a head in Nebraska in just over one week. Three candidates are in the running: Shane Osborn, Ben Sasse and Sid Dinsdale.

Bill Tatro | May 09, 2014

I just don’t get it! Why can’t we give the poor guy a break? The President’s popularity has totally plummeted in the polls rivaling the worst of President George W. Bush.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 09, 2014

Do Liberals simply have an aversion to widespread prosperity? Every time America seems poised to reinvent itself, the Democrats decide to soak our renaissance with regulations. Hal Quinn, the CEO of the National Mining Association, joined the program to discuss the Obama Administration’s war on energy.

Thu, May 08, 2014

Mike Shedlock | May 08, 2014

Given government programs typically do the opposite of what is expected, there is a chance that the perverse effect of Obamacare is the exact opposite of what Obama intended...

Charles Payne | May 08, 2014

Although the Dow has drifted from an all-time high, confidence has not climbed back to the level of 54% of non-retirees using the stock market as their primary source of economic preparation for their golden years.

John Ransom | May 08, 2014

Mainstream media is using's latest position paper as more thin scientific evidence-- and I use the term sarcastically-- that global warming is already causing great harm to the United States. The rest of us, they believe, are just too stupid to know it without a website.

Night Watch | May 08, 2014

Russia has had ample provocation for intervening, but thus far appears to judge that the pro-Russia activists are giving as good as they get, i.e., they are holding their own for now.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 08, 2014

As you can imagine, there’s a lot to choose from in the contest for the most spectacular waste of tax dollars. But the politicians in Oregon must really want the prize...

Ransom Notes Radio | May 08, 2014

Remember the “LA Handshake”? Well, politicians do… And they all seem to be conning their way to the next political office. Justin Richards, political director for the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, joined the show to talk about the importance of local politics.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | May 08, 2014

When the White House, in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by the fearless private watchdog group Judicial Watch, turned over an email about constructing the appropriate narrative response to the tragedy at Benghazi written by Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser to President Obama, and investigators from the House of Representatives realized that they had subpoenaed that email and not received it...

Peter Morici | May 08, 2014

Tuesday, the Commerce Department reported the March deficit on international trade in goods and services was $40.4 billion.

Wed, May 07, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 07, 2014

Yeah, I get it: no-one enjoys the prospect of 40 plus hours per week of the “daily grind”. (For those of you who are liberal, unemployed, or French, the “daily grind” refers to “work”.) But, c’mon… When did we start knocking hard work in this country?

Mike Shedlock | May 07, 2014

Looking for signs of fear? Finding any?

Charles Payne | May 07, 2014

Presently, more businesses are closing their doors, than new ones are springing up to replace them. This churn means that the notion of creative destruction is distorted, as fewer upstarts challenge those established giants.

John Ransom | May 07, 2014

The only impeachment that was ever going to work was the one Obama eventually got; and that’s the one he provided himself. He’s the guy we warned you about all along. In fact, he’s worse than the guy we warned you about.

Night Watch | May 07, 2014

The World Health Organization (WHO) said today that Pakistan's failure to stem the spread of polio has triggered a global health emergency. The WHO is recommending all residents must show proof of vaccination before they can leave the country.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 07, 2014

Well, even paranoid people have enemies, and this already has happened in countries such as Poland and Argentina. Moreover, it appears that plenty of politicians and bureaucrats elsewhere want this type of punitive levy.

Bill Tatro | May 07, 2014

Once again the corporate way of life dominates the headlines with little or no concern for the employees who are involved.

Peter Morici | May 07, 2014

Whether to rent or buy a home is one of the toughest choices young people face these days. A recent Deutsche Bank study compared renting vs. the cost of owning a home in 54 cities.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 07, 2014

Hey, Janet Yellen, that’s the problem with irresponsible monetary policy: It gets difficult to wind it down without spooking the market. Also, Ukraine is now recruiting for their armed forces in anticipation of escalated violence… Schaus may very well be signing up to be a tank commander, provided he can keep the tank.

Dr. Ben Carson | May 07, 2014

We recently learned that China is poised to replace the United States as the No. 1 economic power in the world sometime later this year.

Tue, May 06, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 06, 2014

Then again, what’s a couple centuries, give or take? Especially for a Political Science major from Yale. (Yeah, she’s a graduate of Yale...)

Mike Shedlock | May 06, 2014

In defense of the BLS, some of the seemingly convoluted ways they do things is for the simple reason the BLS does not have the detailed data that analysts presume they do.

Charles Payne | May 06, 2014

The market continues to grapple with the meaning of Friday's jobs report, which was really much like Dickens' novel: The best of times and worst of times.

John Ransom | May 06, 2014

Last week it was revealed that half of all Illinoisans want to leave the state. A Gallup poll revealed previously that by a wide margin Illinoisans trust their government less than any other state in the union.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 06, 2014

Perhaps there is an occasional exception, but when someone in a public policy debate mentions a “race to the bottom,” they always seem to favor bigger government and punitive taxation.

Ralph Benko | May 06, 2014

Resistance to the restoration of the classical gold standard does not come from a failure of “political will.” It comes from a lack of familiarity with it on Capitol Hill.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 06, 2014

In light of The recent bank-bailouts (followed by Dodd-Frank), it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch that Obama will soon be bailing out the Insurance Companies… And if you doubt it, just look at what’s been written into law through Obamacare.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 06, 2014

Dmitry Peskov, President Putin's spokesman, said Russia's government had received thousands of calls since Friday from people in southeastern Ukraine. The callers described the situation as "horrendous" and pleaded for Russia's involvement.

Mon, May 05, 2014

Michael Tanner | May 05, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 05, 2014

For nearly 80 years Democrats have had a monopoly on efforts to fix violence, gang activity, and inequality in the Windy City. And if you’re thinking, “It doesn’t seem to be working”… Well, you’d be right.

Mike Shedlock | May 05, 2014

A friend sent me an article today from the site Conservatives for Liberty called Confused libertarians are Supporting Putin by Gabriele Stakaityte.

John Ransom | May 05, 2014

Why should it surprise us that "Progressives" are harkening back to technology of the past to foist bikes on a people who already rejected them? As? I noted yesterday, this is the same group of progressive who use wood as a renewable fuel, the same fuel used by Cro-Magnon Man.

Political Calculations | May 05, 2014

The answer has a lot to do with the distortionary effects of the second U.S. housing bubble.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 05, 2014

So why is there a big difference between China and Taiwan? Well, if you look at Economic Freedom of the World, you’ll see that Taiwan ranks among the top-20 nations while China ranks only 123 out of 152 countries.

Michael F. Cannon | May 05, 2014

The more Americans figure out that Obamacare has made free—riding safer than ever, the more exchange enrollments will fall, posing a serious threat to Obamacare’s future.

Mark Baisley | May 05, 2014

So for those considering the transition from dream to reality, here are my four keys to success for your startup operation

Morgan Brittany | May 05, 2014

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, there will be an estimated shortage of 91,500 doctors by the year 2020.

Sun, May 04, 2014

Larry Kudlow | May 04, 2014

Looking under the hood, important glitches continue to plague the employment situation.

Mike Shedlock | May 04, 2014

Let's not call it a war, let's call it a a "punitive operation".

John Ransom | May 04, 2014

Were I running for Congress or the United States Senate, my platform would be to amend every piece of legislation with the final words: “All portions of the above legislation shall apply equally to the government of the United States of America and its employees."

Political Calculations | May 04, 2014

While winter weather disrupted a portion of the nation's economy for a short period during 2014-Q1, primarily in the northeast and upper midwest regions of the country, the real primary cause of the low economic growth recorded in the first quarter of 2014 is the outcome of the Fed's decision to begin tapering its Quantitative Easing program and its effect in driving up long-term interest rates from their historic lows.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 04, 2014

Tax competition isn’t a sufficient condition for good policy, but it sure is a necessary condition!

Nick Sorrentino | May 04, 2014

Right now if one wants to buy beer or liquor in the Keystone State one must buy it from the state owned liquor stores.

Hunter Lewis | May 04, 2014

Thomas Piketty: French and Economist. All you need to know.


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