Sat, May 03, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 03, 2014

A Republican candidate for US Senate was kicked out of a recent interview for having the audacity to point out a reporter’s disrespect and liberal bias. But, not before being personally insulted, ridiculed, and mocked over his views on Global Warming.

Mike Shedlock | May 03, 2014

This month sported another amazing difference between the household survey and the payroll survey. The difference is so vast that looking at the numbers in isolation, one might think the results were from two different countries.

Charles Payne | May 03, 2014

One has to wonder why President Obama has insisted on the gut-wrenching destruction of the coal industry that has costs thousands of jobs, and has sent electricity costs to all-time highs.

Doug Fabian | May 03, 2014

If you’ve ever been caught up in a case of really bad timing, then you probably know what the Fed is feeling right about now.

Chris Versace | May 03, 2014

The March quarter was filled with all sorts of things -- from harsh winter weather to political items, and even the 2014 Winter Olympics -- as well as weaker-than-expected guidance from a number of companies.

John Ransom | May 03, 2014

To add to the injuries of a tax increase, California also made the tax increase retroactive, which raises a whole bunch of constitutional concerns.

Mark Skousen | May 03, 2014

Basically, I contend that Gross Output (GO) is better than Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in measuring the economy. GO is an attempt to measure spending at all stages of production.

Night Watch | May 03, 2014

Russia staged a huge May Day parade on Moscow's Red Square for the first time since the Soviet era. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin told Rossiya 24 TV that more than 100,000 people marched through Red Square.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 03, 2014

The unemployment rate has dropped to 6.3 percent and there are about 280,000 new jobs.* But if you dig into the details of the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you find some less-than-exciting data.

Peter Morici | May 03, 2014

The economy created 288,000 jobs in April, up from 203,000 in March. That’s the second best showing of the Obama recovery but still less than what is needed each month to raise employment to prerecession levels.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 03, 2014

Our astronauts are hitching rides to space on Sputnik, and Putin is providing the Air Force with the rocket engines for our space satellites… Yeah, this is a sign of American excellence. Also: Do you believe ANYTHING that comes out of this Administration?

Fri, May 02, 2014

Mike Shedlock | May 02, 2014

If industrial-rich Eastern Ukraine falls the IMF Warns Bailout Needs "Significant Recalibration"

Charles Payne | May 02, 2014

Lots of news came out yesterday from GDP to ADP to the Federal Reserve, and yet I think by far, the biggest news was the failure of a bill to force a higher minimum wage on businesses.

John Ransom | May 02, 2014

I don't know about you, but the safety I'm most concerned with right now is preventing the ignition of small town residents as freight trains of flammable liquids go through their cities. That would be a big benefit of Keystone... you know, besides the jobs.

Nicholas Vardy | May 02, 2014

Along with the “small-cap effect” — the basis of my recent $25,000 bet against Warren Buffett— the “sell in May and go away” market anomaly is one of the few that has stood the test of time.

Doug Fabian | May 02, 2014

As its name suggests, a large proportion — roughly half — of Global X’s ETFs are international, with China and the rest of Asia having the greatest presence in the provider’s portfolio.

Night Watch | May 02, 2014

Yesterday the acting president of the Kyiv regime said that police and security forces were either "helpless" to prevent the unrest or were actively colluding with the "separatist rebels."

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 02, 2014

Sigh. Another day, another grim Obamacare update. Actually, we have two updates on the never-ending disaster of government-run healthcare.

Bill Tatro | May 02, 2014

According to the pundits the consumer is back. All that pent up demand that has been discussed ad nauseum has finally shown itself. As a matter of fact the consumers were so intent on spending that they dug deep into their piggy banks (savings) in order to do it.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 02, 2014

With everything that is going on in Ukraine, Asia, and the Middle East, it’s nice that Obama is finally deciding to get tough on somebody… But does it have to be US economic growth? Peter Morici joined the program to discuss the abysmal GDP numbers.

Peter Morici | May 02, 2014

Growth will improve this spring over its tepid winter performance. Still, good jobs will remain scarce and wages depressed, because policies put in place over the last quarter century have permanently slowed growth.

Erick Erickson | May 02, 2014

The current owner of the Clippers, Donald Sterling, is not a very nice man. He has been sued repeatedly for race-based discrimination. He has had to settle those cases.

Peter Schiff | May 02, 2014

We can't ignore it anymore - the markets are rigged. The LIBOR scandal broke almost two years ago, and the banks found responsible for manipulating that key index are still dealing with lawsuits.

Thu, May 01, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 01, 2014

Right. Orwell was a Liberal... And what the heck were Republicans thinking when they lowered taxes in the 1980's? I mean, sure, we saw the longest peacetime expansion in American history, but that was most likely luck.

Mike Shedlock | May 01, 2014

Pro-Russia forces seized administration buildings in Horlivka today forcing Kiev to admit reality.

Charles Payne | May 01, 2014

Real incomes adjusted for inflation are below 1973 levels ($51,670 vs $49,398), and there are 20% of households where not a single person has a job. In fact, there are so many variables to make the point the nation is in the blahs, and struggling for emotional footing.

John Ransom | May 01, 2014

You can blame it on the weather. Or no wait: you can blame it on Obama's tax increases. Or perhaps you can blame it on sequestration. Or the Fukushima nuclear disaster, war in Libya, the rich or Donald Sterling and the NBA. But just don't blame "them".

Night Watch | May 01, 2014

The public statement from North Korea looks like an example of the old Soviet propaganda practice of reinforcing an enemy's mistaken belief.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 01, 2014

Using a comparison of Jamaica and Singapore, I recently argued that growth should trump inequality. Simply stated, a growing economic pie is much better for poor people that incentive-sapping redistribution programs that trap people in dependency.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 01, 2014

The nice thing about Obamanomics, is that it never fails to take our breath away… Of course, that’s not always a good thing. Charles Butler also joined the program to talk about this administration’s complete lack of direction.

Nick Sorrentino | May 01, 2014

Lefties and small govt people should work together to dislodge the establishment...

Wed, Apr 30, 2014

Peter Morici | April 30, 2014

Overall, it appears 2014 may not be the breakout year President Obama and many Wall Street forecasters predicted, boding poorly for jobs creation.

Dave Ramsey | April 30, 2014

But the IRS is a different animal altogether. They have virtually unlimited power to collect; so put them at the top of the list and get them paid off as fast as you can!

Mike Shedlock | April 30, 2014

In The Long Goodbye, economist Andy Xie says People around the world will only begin to question their economic policymakers when they realize living standards are slowly worsening.

Charles Payne | April 30, 2014

The unbearable pain of the tech sell-off is working its way into the blue chip names that have thus far held firm during the onslaught. I have been doing this work for almost thirty years, and have seen this over and over, yet it never changes.

John Ransom | April 30, 2014

The recovery is great if you think that real economic progress is going from 247 billion to 300 billion burgers served.

Night Watch | April 30, 2014

On Monday, heavily armed pro-Russia gunmen seized another town hall in east Ukraine. It brings to 11 the number of town halls known to be held by pro-Russia activists and helps link the cities under activist control.

Daniel J. Mitchell | April 30, 2014

Simply stated, if you care about those with lower incomes, your goal should be faster growth. If the economy is more prosperous, that means a rising tide that will lift all boats.

Dr. Ben Carson | April 30, 2014

With Europeans intrigued by America's unexpected success, Alexis de Tocqueville carried out an in-depth study of the new nation in the 1830s. He was quite impressed with our divided government, which featured the separation of powers.

Peter Schiff | April 30, 2014

While there is wide agreement that the cost of college education has risen far faster than the incomes of most Americans, there is some debate as to whether the quality of the product has kept pace with the price.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 30, 2014

The Obama recovery continues: In 20 percent of American families, no one works. (Is that the same thing as not having a job, or does it include people like Joe Biden?) Conn Carroll, Managing Editor or Townhall Magazine, joined the program to talk about repealing Obamacare, piece by piece.

Bill Tatro | April 30, 2014

Barack Obama in his quest for the presidency and then again in his re-election followed very closely the playbook that had been originally designed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Peter Morici | April 30, 2014

Nowadays a good deal of the mega incomes are not accruing to the heirs of the Rockefeller and Ford fortunes but falling into the hands of middle class offspring who became entrepreneurs or worked hard to become top corporate managers, stars in the media, financiers, and the like.

Tue, Apr 29, 2014

Michael Schaus | April 29, 2014

Don’t you just love classic Disney movies? Animated cinematic adventures that espoused the importance of life values, growing up, and racism… Well, that’s what some lefty professor is arguing at Syracuse University.

Mike Shedlock | April 29, 2014

Ben VanMetre at the Illinois Policy Institute mentions huge tax hikes that Progressives are angling for. The tax hikes are so steep and so universal that even thinking union members are against the hikes.

Charles Payne | April 29, 2014

The key economic calendar starts again this week as we review important data releases, culminating with the latest on employment in America. In the grand scheme of things, even a "good" report will not be anything like the kind of jobs growth that is long overdue in this nation -based on Economics 101.

John Ransom | April 29, 2014

Oil, companies flee; now Toyota Motor Corp. Even Hollywood is fleeing the Golden State for places that offer them a better deal.

Night Watch | April 29, 2014

Russian state news RIA Novosti reported that Ukraine has mobilized 15,000 troops in the suburbs of Slovyansk in eastern Ukraine "in order to wipe out the city and its residents."

Daniel J. Mitchell | April 29, 2014

I periodically (some would say over and over and over again, though occasionally made more palatable by using humor and cartoons) warn that the United States should not become a European-style welfare state.

Ralph Benko | April 29, 2014

A new generation is rising. The most striking display at the recent CPAC was a barrage balloon emblazoned with the words War On Youth. It was lofted over one of the most popular booths there, Young Americans for Liberty.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 29, 2014

It’s now official: America has unceremoniously buried its foreign policy… Of course, that’s assuming that the Obama administration ever actually considered adopting a policy in the first place. Joseph Klein, UN correspondent, joined the program to talk about our failure in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Mon, Apr 28, 2014

Nick Sorrentino | April 28, 2014

This middle class surge, empowered by the Internet, has befuddled the party establishments on both sides of the Atlantic. They are not used to an informed and active electorate holding their feet to the fire.

Michael Schaus | April 28, 2014

At first, it looked like an epic-fail (and I really hate that phrase) for Michael Bloomberg’s new gun control group, Everytown For Gun Safety. With a mere 25 people deciding to show up for an anti-gun rally, the “protest” looked more like an OFA Obamacare meeting.

Mike Shedlock | April 28, 2014

It's not clear why striking back at friends and associates of someone who allegedly committed a crime should be legal, but legalities do not stop this president.

John Ransom | April 28, 2014

$50 million today doesn't fund a startup, yet alone a country fighting for survival.

Daniel J. Mitchell | April 28, 2014

What happens when you have a big success story, like the spending cap in Switzerland that has dramatically slowed the growth of government, and then expect intelligent and coherent coverage by a government-run media outfit that presumably wants a bigger public sector?

Michael F. Cannon | April 28, 2014

I get viscerally anxious when I hear from intelligent, responsible people that they have dropped their family’s health insurance because Obamacare so significantly increased their premiums. But I cannot dispute that Obamacare has made that choice safer and more rational than ever before.

Mark Calabria | April 28, 2014

The current reform plan that has garnered bipartisan support, the one proposed by Senators Tim Johnson and Mike Crapo, would wind down Fannie and Freddie and replace them with new entities. In doing so it would also largely codify the Treasury’s zeroing out of Fannie and Freddie’s private shareholders.

Chris Edwards | April 28, 2014

Here’s what nearly all media stories on this topic gloss over: the share of U.S. bridges that are structurally deficient has been falling steadily for more than two decades.

Michael Tanner | April 28, 2014

I do not think conspiracy is the answer, but the real reason for this Census change is just as troubling, if not more so: incompetence.

Sun, Apr 27, 2014

Larry Kudlow | April 27, 2014

Mike Shedlock | April 27, 2014

Talk of World War III, is likely just that, talk. At least let's hope so.

John Ransom | April 27, 2014

This is what I say to union folks: You want to be involved in politics, then stop whining when politics doesn't go your way. You want to go back to bargaining for employees, rather than bargaining for politicians, then be my guest.

Daniel J. Mitchell | April 27, 2014

These bureaucrats are infamous for bone-headed initiatives.

Hunter Lewis | April 27, 2014

This 42 year economist from French academe has written a hot new book: Capital in the Twenty-First Century. A recent review describes him as the man “who exposed capitalism’s fatal flaw.”

Edith Lank | April 27, 2014

Nick Sorrentino | April 27, 2014

Many modern economists like to think of themselves as scientists, or at least something close to scientists. But instead of white coats they wear tweed jackets and instead of verifiable results they produce excuses


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