Sat, Mar 15, 2014

Larry Kudlow | March 15, 2014

Sizing up last week's unexpected congressional win by Florida Republican David Jolly, Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote, "The Republicans who win this fall will be those who have serious answers to the attacks leveled on them -- about Obamacare, the economy, women's and seniors' issues." Sound advice.

Mike Shedlock | March 15, 2014

I have no idea how much car dealers donated to Chris Christie. But I do know a bad idea when I see one. And we know exactly how and why some bad ideas get implemented: campaign contribution bribes and political revenge.

Charles Payne | March 15, 2014

President Obama continues his push to tweak free market forces and buy votes with an executive move that will force businesses to pay extra for overtime work of certain salaried employees.

John Ransom | March 15, 2014

Does anyone else find it ironic that a company that helped massage data for Obama’s reelection—a company that essentially spied on its customers for political purposes-- suddenly has found a conscience about Internet privacy?

Mark Skousen | March 15, 2014

GDP measures the value of the final goods and services, but you also want to know how much business spent in making these final products and services. GO does that.

Doug Fabian | March 15, 2014

Given all of the geopolitical turmoil of late that’s rocked many of the biggest emerging markets in the world, it’s logical to ask ourselves if there will be a spillover effect -- some call it “contagion” -- here in the U.S. equity markets.

Chris Versace | March 15, 2014

At the very core, companies, be they business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), need to respond to the changing landscape and adapt their business models.

Night Watch | March 15, 2014

Russia apparently has not made the final decision to occupy additional portions of eastern Ukraine, but President Putin soon will have that option readily available.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 15, 2014

The official motto of the United States is “In God We Trust.” The official motto of Washington, DC, is “Justitia Omnibus,” which means “Justice for All.” These are nice statements, but they apply too broadly. We also should have a motto specifically for politicians.

Roger Schlesinger | March 15, 2014

If I had been Barrack Obama's adviser when he was young I would have led, guided, pushed or simply threatened him to go to business school instead of law school. I would have told him that it was pretty obvious he was going to be running this country in his later years, and business school might do him better than law school.

Bill Tatro | March 15, 2014

It seems Mr. President that all of a sudden you and I are becoming Pen Pals. Not in the traditional sense because you never write, you never call or even seem to care. But you do respond in the main stream media and so I feel our connection is intact.

Fri, Mar 14, 2014

Michael Schaus | March 14, 2014

Sheila Jackson’s brilliant aversion to intelligent thought is not exclusive. Other “leaders” have shown a similar lack of intellectual-horsepower… For example, Democrat Hank Johnson once expressed concern that the island of Guam was in danger of capsizing. Harry Reid has argued that our compulsory tax system is “voluntary”.

Mike Shedlock | March 14, 2014

CEOs makes hundreds or thousands of times more than workers. That is one aspect of income inequality. And it's easily explained: The Fed's inflation policies, bank bailouts, Fractional Reserve Lending, and crony capitalism are to blame.

Charles Payne | March 14, 2014

I know this has looked like a dull week in the market with very light volume and little news, but beneath the surface an important tug-o-war is going on. The post-jobs report period is a prime time for market moves.

John Ransom | March 14, 2014

One thing that we've learned from 9/11 through the Boston bombing is that even in something sinister, bureaucratic incompetence is usually at play.

Night Watch | March 14, 2014

Based on separate reports from Russian and Ukrainian sources, a significant buildup of Russian conventional forces opposite the northeastern border of Ukraine is taking place. The location is far from Crimea. This is not exercise preparation.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 14, 2014

I wish there was a magic wand that somebody could wave and all of us would have more money. Or maybe Santa Claus could play that role, or some version of the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, we don’t live in this fantasy world.

Nick Sorrentino | March 14, 2014

Those Chevy plants are full of UAW workers who hold a lot of political sway. It’s why their pensions were bailed out by the taxpayers back in 2009. Many people think the GM implosion just came out of nowhere. Well... It didn’t.

Erick Erickson | March 14, 2014

Republicans are set for pretty sweeping victories in 2014. The best nonpartisan analyses eight months before the election suggest the Republicans may get to 50 or 51 seats in the Senate, but 50 would leave Democrats in control with Vice President Biden breaking tie votes.

Ransom Notes Radio | March 14, 2014

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a President that knew anything about economics? Heck… Even a basic understanding of job creation would be nice. Economist Mark Skousen joined the show to talk about why Obamanomics continue to drive this recovery into the ground.

Peter Morici | March 14, 2014

The latest polls indicate a weak economy continues to drag down President Obama’s job approval rating, but those hardly guarantee any big changes in Washington. Americans may want more jobs and better wages but they also support many of the president’s specific policies.

Thu, Mar 13, 2014

Mike Shedlock | March 13, 2014

Wall Street has officially embraced bitcoin. And why not? Wall Street can scalp fractions of bitcoins just as easily as fractions of pennies.

Charles Payne | March 13, 2014

In the game of life, those in the public eye of judgment have found it necessary to affect outcomes by establishing expectations. In that position, it doesn't take long to figure out that the success is not measured by actual results or output, but output versus expectations.

John Ransom | March 13, 2014

I know you’re shocked: The government is sending money to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so that the government can get the money back that they sent them originally. But, yeah. This is Obama. Kind of like Enron, only immune from prosecution.

Nicholas Vardy | March 13, 2014

The idea of having an index-linked, mainstream market-beating strategy that does not rely on the brilliance of a Warren Buffett or a Carl Icahn -- all for the relatively low fees of an ETF -- has to be one the best deals in the world of investment.

Political Calculations | March 13, 2014

Did you know that the Great Recession ended for Americans Age 25 and older in February 2014? If we're to believe the latest employment situation report, it did.

Night Watch | March 13, 2014

The trend in Russian media appears to justify, if not encourage, Russia in sending troops to protect other districts of Ukraine, in addition to Crimea.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 13, 2014

When I first started working on fiscal policy in the 1980s, I never thought I would consider Sweden any sort of role model. But Sweden suffered a severe economic shock in the early 1990s and policy makers were forced to rethink big government

Judge Andrew Napolitano | March 13, 2014

The government is caught up in another scandal in which federal agents have been accused of hacking into one another's computers. When the CIA was established in 1947, Congress and President Truman were concerned that it might not confine itself to spying.

Ransom Notes Radio | March 13, 2014 and other large online retailers are engaging in classic crony-capitalism as they help push for an internet sales tax. With an army of lawyers and tax attorneys, the big guys won’t be hurt… The tax seems to be more about squeezing competition out of the market, than making the playing field level.

Michael Schaus | March 12, 2014

I think a leashed tiger is a reasonable alternative to armed self-protection. There’s nothing like black-and-orange-carnivorous-rage on the end of a leash to give you that warm-fuzzy feeling of self-protection. Besides, arming yourself with a concealed feline is less felonious than arming yourself with a Smith & Wesson.

Mike Shedlock | March 12, 2014

The loss in employment in the core 25-54 age group is a whopping 5,183,000. Factoring in the decline in population, that is an excess job loss of 4,076,000!

Charles Payne | March 12, 2014

Over the next few weeks, there will be a couple of birthdays which will resonate in California, big time. Harvey Weinstein will celebrate his 62nd birthday on March 19, and the "Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act" (JOBS Act) will mark its second year the first day of April.

John Ransom | March 12, 2014

Anytime a Democrat cites separation of powers AND the Constitution in the same sentence, you know we are Through the Looking Glass.

Chris Versace | March 12, 2014

The Internet has led to many revolutions over the last few years and that’s particularly true in how we communicate and collaborate. It’s also shattered existing business models — just ask Barnes & Noble, Circuit City and practically any print newspaper you can still find.

Night Watch | March 12, 2014

Taliban leaders warned Afghans against voting in presidential elections on 5 April. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement emailed to media that the group also had instructed clerics across the country to spread the word that the election is "an American conspiracy."

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 12, 2014

Regular readers may have noticed that I generally say that advocates of big government are “statists.” I could call them “liberals,” but I don’t like that using that term since the early advocates of economic and personal liberty were “classical liberals” such as Adam Smith, John Locke, and Jean-Baptiste Say.

Bill Tatro | March 12, 2014

In the middle of an International crisis, the President (U.S. that is) drew the line in the sand and finally, finally, decided to back up his words with actions... No matter what turmoil is engulfing the world our President will not be deterred from a couple of rounds of golf.

John Browne | March 12, 2014

For those investors who have grown used to the relatively minor geo-political crises of the past few years, the developing situation in the Ukraine and the Crimea must come as an unexpected communiqué from the early 20th Century.

Ransom Notes Radio | March 12, 2014

Jimmy Carter 2.0? Or is it Jimmy Carter times 2? Or is President Obama pretty much a gift to Carter’s legacy? John also talks with Charles Payne, from Fox Business, about the growing Federal Reserve balance sheet. (You heard about Fannie Mae paying back its bailout money? Where do you think it got the money to pay back?)

Dr. Ben Carson | March 12, 2014

As a teenager, I began a new lifelong routine of starting and ending each day reading from the book of Proverbs, which, of course, was written by Solomon, a very wise man. Interestingly, my parents gave me the middle name of Solomon -- not that I claim even a modicum of his wisdom.

Peter Morici | March 12, 2014

The bull market just marked its fifth anniversary—middle-aged by historical standards but not dead yet. Money managers have valid concerns, but those should be measured against changes in the national and global economies.

Tue, Mar 11, 2014

Michael Schaus | March 11, 2014

Unions have asked the NLRB to reconsider their failed attempt to unionize Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, because… Well because they think it was unfair that anti-union voices were allowed to make their case to VW workers. In other words: the UAW feels they were unfairly outgunned by free-speech.

Dave Ramsey | March 11, 2014

Just because it’s family doesn’t make it jump over onto your plate! Let me say it again: You don’t inherit debt. Don’t let creditors, or anyone else, tell you differently.

Mike Shedlock | March 11, 2014

This is part of the overall culture of greed and arrogance fostered by central banks globally. No matter what the "too big to fail" banks do they are bailed out at taxpayer expense every time they get into trouble.

Charles Payne | March 11, 2014

Have you heard...Fannie Mae paid back more in dividends to Treasury than it took in as bailout money, and while this was happening, the shares of Fannie Mae were up 1,700% this past year? Officially, management points to increases in housing prices, lower defaults, and greater mortgage demand. But...

John Ransom | March 11, 2014

Obama no doubt would reject any advice given out of hand. John McCain says he's the smartest guy in the room. I'll observe that that's not hard in D.C.

Night Watch | March 11, 2014

On Friday, the Kingdom issued a royal decree that designates the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. The royal decree also criminalized membership plus supporting and sympathizing with the terrorists "through speech or writing."

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 11, 2014

The United States is supposed to be enjoying a recovery. Indeed, we’re now supposedly in the fifth year of an expanding economy. Many Americans must wonder why it doesn’t feel that way.

Ralph Benko | March 11, 2014

This columnist is a Tea Party Patriot, right wing conspirator, Republican Party loyalist, and Obama opponent. It is with some trepidation, therefore, that he points out something that, if noticed by the Democrats, might be used to avert the onrushing Democratic Party rout.

Ransom Notes Radio | March 11, 2014

Apparently the economy was really banking on global warming, and recent snow storms have thrown everything for a loop. That must be it… After all, nothing bad is ever the fault of the Obama Administration. (Winter storm “George W. Bush” is the real culprit, right?)

Mon, Mar 10, 2014

Mike Shedlock | March 10, 2014

The takeover of Crimea by Russia is nearly complete. All that remains is the final vote on March 16. There would not be a vote if the outcome was uncertain.

John Ransom | March 10, 2014

Josef Stalin, who did fight the Cold War, would recognize Putin’s gambit and applaud it more than he would approve of anything Lenin or Marx said about it.

Political Calculations | March 10, 2014

At present, we would describe the U.S. economy as experiencing a microrecession, where there is some economic contraction underway that is too limited in severity, scope or duration to fully qualify as a recession by to the standards of the National Bureau of Economic Research

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 10, 2014

We like to make fun Keynesians. Paul Krugman, for example, stated a couple of years ago that it would be good for growth if everyone thought the world was going to be attacked by aliens because that would trigger massive military outlays.

Morgan Brittany | March 10, 2014

At least 64 times, public-assistance benefits were accessed at businesses selling marijuana. A total of $5,475 in public benefits was withdrawn at ATMs in establishments that sell pot.

Marita Noon | March 10, 2014

Reid needs to keep the ruse alive because he is connected to more than $3 billion in Energy Department green-energy deals that helped him get reelected in 2010

Sun, Mar 09, 2014

Michael Schaus | March 09, 2014

Here’s your Orwellian Phrase for the Week: "Individual shared responsibility payment." Yeah… Go ahead and try to wrap your brain around that amalgamation of contradictory concepts. Apparently the phrase is the IRS’s fancy (new) term for the Obamacare Mandate tax.

Mike Shedlock | March 09, 2014

Two day ago, Newsweek unmasked Satoshi Nakamoto, The Face Behind Bitcoin. It's a fascinating article, and one well worth a look.

John Ransom | March 09, 2014

The period; capitalization; complete sentences; spell check. These and many other innovations have been brought to you over the last 7,000 years of literary history sponsored in part by Halliburton. Liberals should try them.

Political Calculations | March 09, 2014

The Federal Reserve believes it can safely taper its QE program's purchases of U.S. Treasuries and Mortgage-Backed Securities, since the economy would appear to be more capable of generating the growth needed to offset the negative effects of the fiscal drags upon it.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 09, 2014

If you look at the Census Bureau’s data on median household income (adjusted for inflation), you’ll see that the median American is earning less during the Obama years.

Mark Baisley | March 09, 2014

Not everyone thinks that Sarah Palin is an idiot. Try to get your head around this one: In every measurable way, Sarah Palin is immensely brighter than Barack Obama. She knows how to pronounce corps, how to spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T and how many states there are.

Hunter Lewis | March 09, 2014

Judging from this remarkably backhanded compliment, it is possible that the president actually regards charities as competitors of government.

Nick Sorrentino | March 09, 2014

In a big to do with many of the Spanish speaking TV networks the president explained to a crowd that illegal immigrants do not need to worry about being deported if they sign up for Obamacare.


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