Sat, Mar 08, 2014

Mike Shedlock | March 08, 2014

Nonfarm Payrolls rose by 175,000 vs. a Bloomberg consensus expectation of 150,000. Beneath the surface, things look worse again. The household survey shows a gain of employment of only 42,000 while unemployment rose by 223,000.

Charles Payne | March 08, 2014

Main Street is at a crossroads, which means the nation is at a crossroads. After being bruised and battered, even those that have seen home values rebound and incomes that are staying ahead of the rate of inflation, there is serious doubt and hesitation.

John Ransom | March 08, 2014

If Ralph Nader contended that the Corvair was “unsafe at any speed,” then I contend that the ObamaCar demand has reached it’s apex and is “unwanted at any price.” That might be because no one can actually tell buyers what it might cost to replace the batteries in the car.

Mark Skousen | March 08, 2014

The Wilshire 5000 Stock Index is supposed to be the ultimate measure of the U.S. stock market, but in reality there are now only 3,666 stocks in the index. Back in 1998, it contained 7,562 stocks. The main culprit has to be excessive and unnecessary government regulation, like Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank.

Nicholas Vardy | March 08, 2014

With the S&P 500 trading at just about the same level as it started in 2014, it has been hardly a gangbuster year for the U.S. stock market. And it also is a far cry from the #4 position that the U.S. stock market occupied among global stock markets in 2013.

Doug Fabian | March 08, 2014

A huge down month for stocks in January was followed by a big rebound in February, and now it's March, and the first two trading days of the month were reminiscent of the first two months.

Chris Versace | March 08, 2014

Earlier this week, we were hit with yet another winter storm here outside of the Washington, D.C., area, and, true to form, many things came to a girding halt.

Night Watch | March 08, 2014

Putin has been minimizing the Ukraine crisis as a difference of opinion, and has indirectly asked why the US is so upset. He's even come close to lecturing the US president on the issues about which he really should be concerned.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 08, 2014

If you look at measures of what makes a nation competitive and prosperous, you’ll find some obvious variables such as fiscal policy, regulatory burden, and monetary policy. But in addition to those policy levers, you’ll find that it’s equally important that a nation does a good job of protecting and maintaining the rule of law.

Peter Schiff | March 08, 2014

While it's easy to conclude that the Polar Vortex has been responsible for an excess of school shutdowns and ice related traffic snarls, it's much harder to conclude that the it's responsible for the economic vortex that appears to have swallowed the American economy over the past three months.

Ransom Notes Radio | March 08, 2014

Justin Danhof, Director of the Free Enterprise Project (and one of Tim Cook’s least favorite investors) joined the program to discuss his recent dust-up with the Apple CEO… Apparently, Cook thinks that return on investment isn’t nearly as important as pursuing “green energy” dollars from DC.

Fri, Mar 07, 2014

Michael Schaus | March 07, 2014

Yeah, I get it: no-one enjoys the prospect of 40 plus hours per week of the “daily grind”. (For those of you who are liberal, unemployed, or French, the “daily grind” refers to “work”.) But, c’mon… When did we start knocking hard work in this country?

Mike Shedlock | March 07, 2014

Here's a story too funny to not report. In a field of five, no Democrat senatorial candidate received 50% of the votes in yesterday's Texas primary. But one stands no chance of winning the hearts of Democrats...

Charles Payne | March 07, 2014

I happen to believe Mark Twain was on to something when he said, "All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure." In fact, it's truer now than ever before. One has to be ignorant about the statistics, the critics, and the overall economy, and go out there and make it happen.

John Ransom | March 07, 2014

All you have to do now is overestimate your initial estimate, trumpet that number, cut your estimate later, and then trumpet the new overestimation to make sure everything looks like a runaway freight train, disguised as a trainwreck.

Night Watch | March 07, 2014

If the Crimeans vote for independence from Ukraine and for association with Russia, will the West extend as much credit to a Crimean referendum as it gave to mob violence in Kyiv? In short, based on the indicators, NightWatch judges that Crimea and the city of Sevastopol will be linked to Russia in some official fashion by the end of March.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 07, 2014

Germany isn’t exactly a fiscal role model. Tax rates are too onerous and government spending consumes about 44 percent of economic output. That’s even higher than it is in the United States, where politicians at the federal, state, and local levels divert about 39 percent of GDP into the public sector.

Jerry Bowyer | March 07, 2014

No, Putin was not turned by diplomats or feckless heads of state from the West. He was dissuaded by speculators. Russia was not dissuaded by threats of punishment: Russia was dissuaded by actual punishment, meted out in real time by that most vilified of classes, currency speculators.

Roger Schlesinger | March 07, 2014

Our Federal Government is out of control. I could end this blog right here and most of the readers would give me a loud Amen. Unfortunately we can't afford to be stoic about the mess in Washington.

Peter Schiff | March 07, 2014

As the financial crisis took hold, a flood of new and inexperienced buyers entered the market, creating an opportunity for unscrupulous metals dealers to swindle their way to massive profits.

Bill Tatro | March 07, 2014

Most recently the Labor Department reported that our country’s productivity rose a revised 1.8% in the fourth quarter of 2013. That could be good or bad, depending on your perspective, yet it’s down from a previously reported 3.2% and it’s also substantially lower than the 3.5% rise that was declared for the third quarter of 2013.

Erick Erickson | March 07, 2014

Since Jeremiah Wright has been the president's pastor for 20 years, Barack Obama should understand the concept of chickens coming home to roost.

Peter Morici | March 07, 2014

The crisis in the Ukraine will likely end with Russia permanently controlling the Crimea, with the remainder of the country more tightly in its orbit than anticipated a few weeks ago.

Thu, Mar 06, 2014

Larry Kudlow | March 06, 2014

Hurrah for the 50th anniversary of the tax cut championed by JFK, signed by LBJ, to spur growth

Mike Shedlock | March 06, 2014

Will there be any meaningful sanctions against Russia for invading Crimea? The answer is no, and a comparison to Iran will show why.

Charles Payne | March 06, 2014

President Obama bristled at the idea Putin was tough or won, and that his actions were not "a sign of Russian strength." But the fact of the matter is that Russian troops are in control of Crimea, and they didn't have to fire a shot.

John Ransom | March 06, 2014

There’s an election year now, and politics will get more squalid, so I’d like to remind Obama’s enablers on both the right and the left: It’s the president, stupid.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 06, 2014

Obamacare may not be good news for taxpayers or consumers, but let’s look at the bright side. At least the law has generated some superb political humor, including funny videos.

Bill Tatro | March 06, 2014

Apparently, a grand total of sixty United States senators failed their economics and history courses in both high school and college. This would appear to be the truth since a letter signed last September by the said sixty senators clearly points to their complete lack of knowledge when it comes to these two areas of study.

Peter Morici | March 06, 2014

Friday, the Labor Department is expected to report the economy added 150,000 jobs in February. This is less than half the pace needed to lower unemployment to an acceptable level, and President Obama’s budget promises little relief.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | March 06, 2014

What happens when the United States government participates meaningfully in toppling foreign governments in the name of spreading democracy? That behavior usually results in unintended consequences and often produces disasters.

Wed, Mar 05, 2014

Dave Ramsey | March 05, 2014

One way or another, the house always wins. That’s how they’re able to build those giant, billion dollar places called casinos. Did you know that some of those companies are so big and expansive that they’re publicly traded entities?

Mike Shedlock | March 05, 2014

Two more bitcoin exchanges were robbed in the past few days. "Flexcoin" lost all online coins and shut its doors.

Charles Payne | March 05, 2014

I'm not a big fan of entertainment industry award shows. In fact, the last time I watched an award show of any kind, was the year Stevie Wonder set a record for his "Songs in the Key of Life" album at the Grammy’s. But, while channel surfing Sunday night, I was lucky enough to catch a part of Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech...

John Ransom | March 05, 2014

Churchill called the appeaser the man who possessed ‘the gift of compressing the largest numbers of words into the small amount of thought.' And he didn't even know him.

Night Watch | March 05, 2014

This act of defiance is significant. It exposes a weakness in the Russian military-political calculation by complicating and prolonging consolidation of Russian control. The Russian military position is weaker than it appears.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 05, 2014

The President’s new budget has been unveiled. There are lots of provisions that deserve detailed attention, but I always look first at the overall trends. Most specifically, I want to see what’s happening with the burden of government spending.

Ransom Notes Radio | March 05, 2014

Did Vladimir Putin blink? Or did he win? Well, here’s a hint: The Kremlin is the only place where people seem to be happy with how the Ukraine situation has played out. Economist Mark Skousen also joined the show to talk about the good, and the bad, that we can expect from the Federal Reserve under Janet Yellen.

Dr. Ben Carson | March 05, 2014

As a child, I was attracted to anything that dealt with medicine. Many stories featured Johns Hopkins Hospital, and eventually I was privileged to spend 36 years at Johns Hopkins working with brilliant and caring colleagues who dedicated their lives to the art and science of healing.

Tue, Mar 04, 2014

Michael Schaus | March 04, 2014

Connecticut gun owners are calling the state’s anti-gun bluff. The state recently passed a slew of anti-gun legislation, including a gun registration program for so called “assault rifles” that has been received with less enthusiasm than Obamacare. And now, citizens are telling the state: “Come and take them!”

Mike Shedlock | March 04, 2014

The ruble was down 1.43% yesterday, 9.81% for the year. Russia sold $10 billion and hiked interest rates hoping to stop the decline.

Charles Payne | March 04, 2014

America is a nation that has no stomach for war and that's understandable, except many nations around the world would like to believe there is a sheriff that would come to their rescue.

John Ransom | March 04, 2014

Warren Buffett would have you believe that wars are just the thing for stock markets. He all but told us we'd all have more time to cook dinner if World War III broke out.

Night Watch | March 04, 2014

Russian leaders have not abandoned the goal of recovering the Baltic states, despite the states' membership in NATO. NATO needs to see to the security of its most exposed and vulnerable members. Unless NATO shows it is serious about its commitment to defend its members and associates, Lithuania might be next.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 04, 2014

No matter how much I pontificate about Washington corruption, there’s no way I can get across the true extent of the DC establishment’s self-serving behavior. Washington is rich because government is big and the beneficiaries of this system are enjoying their status as America’s new gilded class.

Jerry Bowyer | March 04, 2014

Lynn Shepherd a crime novelist, doesn’t think it is fair that J.K. Rowling is one of the most financially successful writers in history. In a recent column for the Huffington Post, Shepard has called upon Rowling to stop writing, because the Harry Potter creator has "made enough money".

Ralph Benko | March 04, 2014

The deconstruction of gender implies nothing less than a splitting of the personal atom: social nuclear fission, where the cohesive gender identity of the individual is broken down.

Bill Tatro | March 04, 2014

As the most recent Sunday television talk shows almost spun out of control, I was certainly struck by the fact that although there are major differences regarding Egypt, Syria, and Ukraine, there’s also a major similarity.

Ransom Notes Radio | March 04, 2014

It's no surprise that elitist liberals are once again being proven wrong. It turns out that, yeah, Russia is kinda bad news. Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, joined the show to talk about the Obama Administration’s foreign policy incompetence.

Peter Morici | March 04, 2014

Bitcoin believers were shaken to their digital souls when Mt. Gox, the world’s largest exchange, defaulted on $470 million worth of deposits and closed.

Mon, Mar 03, 2014

Mike Shedlock | March 03, 2014

Since the time of Shakespeare seldom has there been so Much Ado About Nothing and from both political parties to boot.

John Ransom | March 03, 2014

How on earth did a great nation elect such a strange, unqualified and incompetent man president of the United States, twice?

Political Calculations | March 03, 2014

As a result, the U.S. federal government, in hiking its payroll taxes on U.S. businesses so much, actually drove jobs out of the U.S. instead because it overly penalized employing workers within the U.S.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 03, 2014

They want us to believe the economy is a fixed pie and that all of us somehow get less if some entrepreneur becomes rich.

Mark Baisley | March 03, 2014

President Obama exempts his friends and financial supporters from having to adhere to the law while forcing The Little Sisters of the Poor to comply with the provisions that conflict with their longstanding religious beliefs.

Nick Sorrentino | March 03, 2014

Seriously, friends. Tell me how having either family running the show is good for America.

Sun, Mar 02, 2014

Michael Schaus | March 02, 2014

Elite New York Democrats are waging a war on children. Well… At least that’s how it appears when the progressive Democrat mayor kicks 700 students out of high-performing schools, because… Well… He doesn’t really have a good reason.

Mike Shedlock | March 02, 2014

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

John Ransom | March 02, 2014

The only gift that Russia gave the Ukraine was the high male rate of alcoholism that shaves over ten years of life off their life expectancy for men. That's what Russia's trying to preserve in Ukraine.

Political Calculations | March 02, 2014

Now, ask yourself a question: Could you afford to go through a year where your income might drop by 20% or more from the previous year?

Night Watch | March 02, 2014

The US President did not say that instability in Ukraine affected US interests. Some analysts interpreted that omission as an American "green light" to the Russians to do what they consider appropriate.

Daniel J. Mitchell | March 02, 2014

I confess I have a policy reason for supporting weaker national governments. Simply stated, there’s very strong evidence that decentralization means more tax competition, and when governments are forced to compete for jobs and investment, the economy is less likely to be burdened with high tax rates and excessive redistribution.

Michael F. Cannon | March 02, 2014

I summarize a lengthy report issued by two congressional committees on how the Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Health and Human Services conspired to create a new entitlement program that is authorized nowhere in federal law.

Chris Edwards | March 02, 2014

The best reform would be a complete repeal of the NFIP, but in the meantime the 2012 law was a good start at reducing the program’s costs and distortions.

Edith Lank | March 02, 2014

Marita Noon | March 02, 2014

There's a lesson in the Ukraine for the U.S. Get energy independent quickly.

Nick Sorrentino | March 02, 2014

The big banks dump piles and piles of money into the coffers of members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.


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