Sat, Feb 15, 2014

Michael Schaus | February 15, 2014

Over 100 Olympic athletes, including 85 Americans, have signed a letter that calls on the UN to take action against anthropogenic global warming… Because the palm trees that line the streets of Sochi, Russia, are clearly the result of too many SUVs on the road, and not the result of typical sub-tropical weather tendencies.

Larry Kudlow | February 15, 2014

Her rules-deficient Fed can't control employment.

Mike Shedlock | February 15, 2014

This morning the Fed reported Industrial production declined. Moreover November and December were revised sharply lower.

Charles Payne | February 15, 2014

In a nation bulging at the seams with $17 trillion in debt and much more in unfunded promises, one would think there would be ideas about curbing spending and reducing promises. Instead, the welfare society is the focus.

John Ransom | February 15, 2014

Let’s say that the White House Plumbers had a law in the 1970s that said that no office in the country could have a lock, no building a watchman, sufficient to make sure that homes and businesses are secure from break-in. So it goes today.

Chris Versace | February 15, 2014

"Just thinking about the weather" -- no, the 1987 song made popular by the band 10,0000 Maniacs is not running through my head. Rather I am marooned in Southern California while the South and Eastern parts of the U.S. get rocked by another ice-and-snow storm in the second half of this week.

Night Watch | February 15, 2014

Egyptian Field Marshal Sisi said: "Our visit offers a new start to the development of military and technological co-operation between Egypt and Russia. We hope to speed up this co-operation."

Daniel J. Mitchell | February 15, 2014

I know there are stereotypes about libertarians being a bunch of dorks. Conservatives think we’re potheads. Liberals think we’re heartless. And many other people simply think we’re a bit weird.

Bill Tatro | February 15, 2014

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, much like her predecessors and the rest of her current Fed cohorts, is a numbers cruncher. Thus, similar to any corporate executive, multitudes of numbers are presented to Janet for analysis, dissection, and ultimate response on a daily basis.

Ransom Notes Radio | February 15, 2014

If you thought the baseless charges of Racism were going to go away after Obama leaves office, you might be right. Now brace yourself for the baseless charges of sexism as the Left begins to talk about Hillary 2016. Also, Chris Versace joined the program to discuss the recent movements in the Market.

Fri, Feb 14, 2014

Mike Shedlock | February 14, 2014

In a rare, back-to-back performance, retail sales in the US fell for the second month after a downward revision put December sales into the red. Many in the media are taking the "blame the weather" tactic.

Charles Payne | February 14, 2014

The fear industry, which goes hand in hand with the hate industry, is alive and thriving in the United States. So many people are down in the dumps and so easy to manipulate. Call it low-hanging fruit and call it big money too.

Doug Fabian | February 14, 2014

Comments by Yellen indicating she was “surprised” by the weakness in the December employment report, was widely read as “dovish.” Which means the Fed likely will keep its foot on the accelerator until the labor market improves substantively.

John Ransom | February 14, 2014

It would better for the country, say progressive economists, if the unemployment rate was higher.

Night Watch | February 14, 2014

Egyptian Defense Minister Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi is making Russia the destination of his first trip abroad since overthrowing the Mursi regime last July. The Russians will be eager to recover a foothold in the country. US policy in Egypt, and throughout the Middle East, has resulted in significant gains for the Russians.

Daniel J. Mitchell | February 14, 2014

One of the most odious features of politicians is that they think they’re entitled to all of our money. But it goes beyond that. They also think they’re doing us a favor and being magnanimous if they let us keep some of what we earn.

Nick Sorrentino | February 14, 2014

We have noted many times the very close relationship between the current White House and the #oldmedia. The mainstream news outlets (really less and less mainstream with each passing day) have been stalwart allies of this president and have been generally positively disposed toward this president (and candidate) from the get go.

Erick Erickson | February 14, 2014

With election season upon us and the Democrats' generic ballot numbers declining, President Obama has done the only thing he could do -- delay, again, the employer mandate in Obamacare. The new delay will run until 2016.

Ransom Notes Radio | February 14, 2014

Weather has shut down Washington DC… So, at least the snowstorm hitting the east coast has had some sort of positive impact for average Americans. Congressman Kevin Brady, ambassador from the great republic of Texas, joined the program to discuss the lawlessness of the Obama administration.

Thu, Feb 13, 2014

Michael Schaus | February 13, 2014

Oh sure, Russians might have Wi-Fi, post-soviet sedans, and Hugo Boss… But it’s not exactly the revolutionized and reformed former communist state we’re supposed to believe.

Mike Shedlock | February 13, 2014

If you repeat something completely inane enough times, do people, even economic writers, believe it?

Charles Payne | February 13, 2014

I asked everyone not to panic, but I must admit that I thought there would have been more downside pressure, even though the big clip moves always get markets to where it's going faster.

Night Watch | February 13, 2014

it is not clear whom the opposition delegation represents, if anyone, except the expatriate community and certain Western diplomats. The West and the professional Syrian expatriate talkers are negotiating with themselves because they can't force Asad out and he has no reasons to leave.

Daniel J. Mitchell | February 13, 2014

Singapore and Hong Kong, for instance, have public sectors today that consume less than 20 percent of economic output. Would those fast-growing jurisdictions be more prosperous if the burden of government spending was increased by more than 50 percent?

Bob Goldman | February 13, 2014

If there's one thing worse than being a motormouth, or a blabbermouth, or just a bigmouth, it's finding yourself to be a "no mouth." That's what I call the feeling you have when you're desperately trying to start a conversation and realize you have absolutely nothing to say.

Peter Schiff | February 13, 2014

In our current age of spin and counter-spin, there is no contortion too great for a politician to attempt. On occasion, however, the threads of one story become entangled with another in a manner that should deeply embarrass, if the media were sharp enough to catch it.

Bill Tatro | February 13, 2014

Newly appointed Federal Reserve Madam Chairwoman Janet Yellen recently appeared before the House Financial Services Committee and gave a statement that in my opinion will be as infamous as Ben Bernanke’s comments of, “House prices never go down,” and “We have subprime contained.”

Ransom Notes Radio | February 13, 2014

If they want to be exempt from Obamacare's mandates for another couple of years, businesses will have to swear to government that they are not hiring, or firing, anyone because of the law. Peter Ferrara also joined the program to discuss the positive impact free markets could have on healthcare costs… Well, if free markets were still allowed.

Nick Sorrentino | February 13, 2014

Some people continue to believe that if only we could get “good” people in government, things would be great. It’s not the size of government they argue. It’s the nature of government. If only we could get the corporate money out of politics (rarely is the same said of unions) things would work for “the people.”

Peter Morici | February 13, 2014

President Obama is dividing America into two nations—one rich, the other increasingly poor with both more likely to elect Democrats.

Wed, Feb 12, 2014

Michael Schaus | February 12, 2014

As a general rule, if someone like Harry Reid agrees with you, or praises your actions, some very serious questions should race through your mind: “What did I do wrong? How did I get to this point? Do I really want to be here? Who am I? Did I just have a stroke? Am I on candid camera?”

Dave Ramsey | February 12, 2014

I’ve been telling people not to use credit cards for 20 years and, believe it or not, even I get offers in the mail. The more mailing lists you get on, the more your mailbox will fill up with junk mail. If you have magazine subscriptions and things like that, your contact information is circulating all over the place.

Mike Shedlock | February 12, 2014

In the all important "Jobs Bowl", far more important than the "Super Bowl" Illinois is losing out to Texas and Indiana.

Charles Payne | February 12, 2014

Democrats went all out over the weekend portraying the 2.5 million people that will flee full-time work as a good thing. When Congressman Ellison (D-MN) said, a mother could use a few more hours in a day to take care of her family, it made me wonder if these guys think women have any dreams beyond household chores.

Nicholas Vardy | February 12, 2014

The Fed's zero interest rate policy ("ZIRP") has been punishing savers with its low interest rates since 2009. Many retirees have grown increasingly frustrated trying to eke out income from their hard-earned investments. So, it's no surprise that many had piled into income investments that promised regular high single-digit, or even double-digit, percentage income.

Chris Versace | February 12, 2014

I think it’s very fair to say the start to the stock market in 2014 has caught many by surprise with its sharp move lower in late January. We’ve seen some life in the stock market since then, and even though the market may snap back on a technical basis, economic and industry growth concerns remain.

Night Watch | February 12, 2014

When Iran explains why it purchased a firing unit of BM-25 nuclear warhead-carrying missiles and launchers from North Korea in 2005, according to the George C. Marshal and Claremont Institutes, then its assurances about nuclear weapons development will have more credibility. For now that topic is still an Iranian "red line."

Daniel J. Mitchell | February 12, 2014

We’ve reached the stage where Obamacare is the punchline to a bad joke. The law has been a disaster, both for the economy and for the Democratic Party. Not that we should be surprised. You don’t get better healthcare with a poisonous recipe of higher taxes, added government spending, and more intervention.

Jerry Bowyer | February 12, 2014

I sat down in front of a microphone and an open Skype line recently to engage in a wide ranging discussion with one of the most interesting thinkers in America today, Father Robert Sirico, founder of the Acton Institute.

Dr. Ben Carson | February 12, 2014

We used to characterize the Soviet Union as a godless, evil empire. Like many societies based on communism or socialism, the Soviets saw fit to minimize the importance of God and, in many cases, wreaked unimaginable persecution on religious people.

Ransom Notes Radio | February 12, 2014

Oh, good… Obama is taking his promise to act without Congress seriously. It’s nice to see him keep a promise. The former Chairman of Merrill Lynch also joined the program to discuss the rise, and fall, of one of America’s most iconic investment giants of the 20th Century.

Tue, Feb 11, 2014

Michael Schaus | February 11, 2014

So far in the Sochi Olympics, America is not leading the medal count. But, financially speaking, that might not be so bad for our proud Olympians. Unlike many competing nations, the United States taxes athletes on their success at the World Games. Congratulations on your gold medal! Now where’s Uncle Sam’s share?

Mike Shedlock | February 11, 2014

Inquiring minds note a huge discrepancy between Gallup measured unemployment and BLS reported unemployment. Something is wrong with one of the two data sets... Which one?

Charles Payne | February 11, 2014

I've been saying for the past five years that America, fractured by an economic shock and a follow-up crisis not seen since the late 1970s has focused on blame, rather than recovery and has settled with mediocrity as greatness.

John Ransom | February 11, 2014

“New York,” asks radio host superman Mark Levin, “when will you kick this ass out of the Senate?” That’s a very good question for Wall Street to answer.

Night Watch | February 11, 2014

The North Korean investigators have divided those associated with Chang into four classes. This is a so-called operation to "liquidate the remaining effect of poison" and uproot the Chang Sung-taek line.

Daniel J. Mitchell | February 11, 2014

The Bible says that “the wages of sin is death,” but the same can’t be said of Washington, DC. The bureaucrats, lobbyists, politicians, contractors, insiders, cronyists, and influence peddlers have rigged the system so that they get rich by diverting money from people in the productive sector of the economy.

Ralph Benko | February 11, 2014

Dr. Janet Yellen now has taken over the chair of the Fed. And President Obama, to great acclaim, recently nominated Prof. Stanley Fischeras Vice Chairman. Prof. Fischer may be the most distinguished and beloved central banker at work within the world financial system today.

Bill Tatro | February 11, 2014

Decisions, decisions, decisions…oh, what a tangled web we weave. Just imagine being President Obama’s poster boy for employment and manufacturing, the benefits are aplenty.

Ransom Notes Radio | February 11, 2014

Will the markets really care what Yellen has to say in her first official comment as Fed Chairman? James Pethokoukis, from American Enterprise Institute, also joined the program to talk about the Democrat’s new motto: We'll free you from employment! (Because the real problem in America is, obviously, too many jobs. Right?)

Mon, Feb 10, 2014

Mark Skousen | February 10, 2014

Steve Forbes said it best, “Everyone is a disciplined, long-term investor… until the market goes down.” Then people panic.

Michael Schaus | February 10, 2014

Beretta decided, after Maryland’s recent adoption of restrictive gun control measures, that the state no longer deserves his company’s hard earned tax dollars. And Beretta is not the only company making such decisions. Sturm Ruger, and Smith & Wesson, recently announced that they will no longer be selling their firearms in the state of California.

John Ransom | February 10, 2014

The Obama administration, Harry Reid and the rest of the secular rabble known as the progressive left don't want more jobs. For them jobs are a nuisance, jobs a hindrance, jobs are the enemy.

Political Calculations | February 10, 2014

Looking at the data through December 2013, we find that while the second housing bubble has resumed inflating, it would also seem to be inflating at a decelerating rate.

Daniel J. Mitchell | February 10, 2014

Demographics can be destiny, but it doesn’t have to be.

Roger Schlesinger | February 10, 2014

I suggest you keep the emotions for the important things in life; births, birthdays, graduations, marriages and memorials! When it comes to money try to rely on knowledge and facts.?

Fritz Pfister | February 10, 2014

Just when you think you've heard it all, along comes 'job lock'. For the preceding five years rational adults have been subjected to notions so outrageous that they know no reasonable person will believe them, because as Thomas Sowell described them, they are merely fact free liberal rhetoric.

Marita Noon | February 10, 2014

If you find oil or natural gas on your property, the value goes up. If you find an endangered species, your land becomes virtually worthless because the critter prevents productive use.

Sun, Feb 09, 2014

Michael Schaus | February 09, 2014

Have you thought about becoming an Ambassador, diplomat, or foreign dignitary? Well, just donate a few million dollars to your friendly Chicago-style politician, and help him become President. Once he’s in charge, you might even get a nomination to far-away-lands that you know nothing about!

Mike Shedlock | February 09, 2014

I suspect both Bank of America and the city officials knew that pledging casino receipts was questionable if not fraudulent. If it could be proven the parties knew it was fraud, then everyone involved should be facing criminal charges.

John Ransom | February 09, 2014

Gosh, I feel like such a buffoon when I accuse liberals of doing something like damaging jobs accidentally, when in fact what they are doing is damaging productivity intentionally.

Political Calculations | February 09, 2014

Here's the clearest indication that the Fed's established policies are not sufficiently facilitating the nation's economic growth by its own standards.

Daniel J. Mitchell | February 09, 2014

The Congressional Budget Office, which usually carries water for those who favor bigger government, has been forced to acknowledge that Obamacare is going to wreak havoc with America’s job market.

Edith Lank | February 09, 2014

Hunter Lewis | February 09, 2014

To emphasize the point that not all state and local cronyism involves unions, one need only look at union-unfriendly Texas.

Mark Baisley | February 09, 2014

Not only do the neighborhoods look like General Rommel just marched through, the bank accounts also look like they have been victimized by Nazi plunder.

Nick Sorrentino | February 09, 2014

Don’t forget, Obama’s biggest contributor in 2008, even more than Goldman Sachs, was the California University system.


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