Sat, Feb 01, 2014

Mike Shedlock | February 01, 2014

Japan has a debt burden because of its deflation fighting actions for three decades. Before Japan embarked on its deflation-fighting mission, it had no debt at all. Now it has the largest debt-to-GDP ratio in the industrial world. The cure "deflation fighting" was certainly worse than the disease, yet Pritchard wants central banks to "do more".

Charles Payne | February 01, 2014

We're a nation of mutts, and celebrate our melting pot as a source of strength and pride. In fact, the notion mutts could attain things in a life reserved for aristocrats, and their minions in European nations set America apart, and unleashed excellence inherent in all people.

John Ransom | February 01, 2014

This is the first time in my lifetime that the government has set about deliberately to exacerbate the tensions between the stock market and wages, housing and homeownership, doctors and patients, blacks and whites, students and parents, men and women, common sense and ideology.

Chris Versace | February 01, 2014

How do I decide if something is a short-term or long-term opportunity? It is a timely question, even when the stock market is humming along like it did in the last half of 2013. But these days, with the return of volatility to the market, it’s even more crucial to understand the differences between the two.

Night Watch | February 01, 2014

The North Korean ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hyun Hak-bong, gave a rare press interview about current topics. He affirmed that US citizen Kenneth Bae must serve his sentence of 15 years in prison at hard labor.

Daniel J. Mitchell | February 01, 2014

Early last year, with the sequester about to begin, President Obama stated that “these cuts are not smart, they are not fair, they will hurt our economy, they will add hundreds of thousands of Americans to the unemployment rolls.”

Nick Sorrentino | February 01, 2014

I just read Peggy Noonan’s most recent column and she writes about something we have been concerned about for a long time.There is something very wrong with America. Americans feel less like citizens, and more like subjects.

Ransom Notes Radio | February 01, 2014

Obama once promised to lower the levels of the sea… Maybe he should focus on slightly more practical issues. Nowhere (aside from Obamacare) is his incompetence as glaring as it is in the Middle East. Columnist and National Security Expert, Frank Gaffney, joined the program to discuss the collapse of Obama’s Foreign Policy.

Fri, Jan 31, 2014

Mike Shedlock | January 31, 2014

Three cheers for a group of nine California students who are fed up with tenure rules that protect not only incompetent teachers, but also sexual predators.

Charles Payne | January 31, 2014

Bond yields are higher and gold is edging higher as the Fed gives less accommodation, which is something of a head-scratcher. An equity sell-off was expected at some point for a variety of reasons, except for an emerging market currency crisis, which was not expected.

John Ransom | January 31, 2014

In 2013, Federal tax increases, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the War on Energy, the EPA, the IRS, the Fed and the general problems that Democrats have with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing conspired to keep growth slow. You'd have to be a communist not to admit of theses facts.

Mark Skousen | January 31, 2014

What Obama apparently doesn't understand is that companies can't afford to raise wages unless they have the profits to pay those higher wages. Study after study shows that companies that earn higher profits pay their workers more.

Doug Fabian | January 31, 2014

Past ETF Talks have discussed various individual exchange-traded funds (ETFs), but we have never taken an in-depth look at the specific companies that establish and manage them. What company pioneered the concept of trading a bundle of stocks in the form of a fund, as easily as buying a single stock?

Political Calculations | January 31, 2014

Reducing the federal government's budget deficit by $2.5 trillion sounds pretty impressive, doesn't it? But what might not sound so impressive is that even with those minor spending cuts and large tax increases, the federal government will still run very large budget deficits throughout the rest of President Obama's term in office.

Night Watch | January 31, 2014

In times of political normality, foreign delegations arrive at or depart from Pyongyang several times a week. The absence of diplomatic activity reinforces the observation that North Korea has turned inward.This should be seen as a warning indicator, and should justify a high alert condition by South Korean and Allied military forces.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 31, 2014

Self awareness is supposed to be a good thing, so I’m going to openly acknowledge that I have an unusual fixation on the size of government. I don’t lose a wink of sleep thinking about deficits, but I toss and turn all night fretting about the overall burden of government spending.

Nick Sorrentino | January 31, 2014

The economic tide has been going out for quite a while, but the pace has just quickened in emerging markets – big time. Things have become quite unsteady and no one knows whether the current instability will trigger something broader in the developed economies.

Ransom Notes Radio | January 31, 2014

When is either party going to actually offer solutions for the degradation of the African-American community? Well the Democrats pander, the Republicans need to deploy a touch of imagination.

Bill Tatro | January 31, 2014

Much has been said the last few days about the president’s State-of-the-Union-and-socialism-is-alive-and-well-on-Capitol-Hill address of this past Tuesday evening. I thought I’d start to read last year’s State of the Union address, knowing full well what’s happened to our country over the course of the last twelve months.

Thu, Jan 30, 2014

Larry Kudlow | January 30, 2014

Mike Shedlock | January 30, 2014

In one of the sappiest, platitude-ridden state of the union addresses in history, president Obama said "Give America a Raise". I agree with the idea, not the implementation.

Charles Payne | January 30, 2014

The stock market set the stage stumbling out of the starting blocks, and tripping over a myriad of concerns as a reminder of the laws of gravity. Oddly, an early intervention might be coming from an unlikely source.

John Ransom | January 30, 2014

“If John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan could negotiate with the Soviet Union,” says Bizzaro Jack Kennedy, “then surely a strong and confident America can negotiate with less powerful adversaries today.” As if. This government can’t even negotiate a website service contract or a green energy loan without getting snookered.

Doug Fabian | January 30, 2014

Remember last month when the chatter on Wall Street was dominated by the perma-bulls telling everyone what a great year 2014 was going to be? I certainly remember this talk, but so far in 2014 the bulls have been anything but present.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 30, 2014

One of the many differences between advocates of freedom and supporters of statism is how they view “rights.” Libertarians, along with many conservatives, believe in the right to be left alone and not molested by government.

Bob Goldman | January 30, 2014

To be honest, anyone who starts a sentence with the words, "to be honest," probably isn't.

Ransom Notes Radio | January 30, 2014

Despite the weak economy, the Federal Reserve is expected to continue to taper its quantitative easing program. What does that say about the Fed’s worry over QE? Also: Hal Quinn, CEO of the National Mining Association, discussed the importance of traditional energy.

Nick Sorrentino | January 30, 2014

Public sector unions are out of control in this country. From sea to shining sea public “servants” have refused reforms to pension programs which threaten to derail public finances.

Michael Schaus | January 29, 2014

If the Broncos lose, Manning could pay as much as 101.83 percent of this weekend’s paycheck to the Garden State in taxes. For the sake of liberty and property rights, maybe we should pull for the Broncos.

Mike Shedlock | January 29, 2014

Regarding the religious debate over global warming, I am pleased to report on this: "Green Fade-Out as Europe Ditches Climate Protection Goals."

Charles Payne | January 29, 2014

Can a man who once owned the world's largest sailing yacht claim to be a victim of discrimination? Well, when it comes to Tom Perkins, the answer is yes; although he presented his argument in such a ham-fisted manner, it made Richard Sherman seem like Mister Spock.

Nicholas Vardy | January 29, 2014

Since 1986, the "Big Mac Index" has provided a tongue-in-cheek but surprisingly useful way of measuring purchasing power parity (PPP) -- that is, the relative over and undervaluation of the world's currencies compared to the U.S. dollar.

Night Watch | January 29, 2014

A South Korean news service reported over the weekend that their sources said that all relatives of Chang Sung-taek, the executed uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, have also been executed. Some were shot to death by pistol in front of other people as they resisted.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 29, 2014

People are getting increasingly agitated about being spied on by government. The snoops at the National Security Agency have gotten the most attention, but the worst example of government spying may be the web of laws and regulations that require banks to monitor our bank accounts and share our spending habits with the Feds.

Ransom Notes Radio | January 29, 2014

Capitalism, big business, and corporatism isn’t to blame for income inequality… Cronysim is. And President Obama has adopted Cronyism as his main economic tool. Nick Sorrentino, joined the program. Also, Amanda Muñoz joined the program earlier this week to discuss Ted Cruz, and the GOP’s attempts to win over the Hispanic vote.

Nick Sorrentino | January 29, 2014

Despite what the establishment #oldmedia always say, the increased income inequality that we see is not the result of the “rich” taking advantage of unfettered markets and then making a mint at the expense of everyone else.

Tue, Jan 28, 2014

Larry Kudlow | January 28, 2014

They brought the sell-off on themselves.

Michael Schaus | January 28, 2014

I have been told by very dependable sources, that Obama’s teleprompter will randomly jumble together “highlights” from past speeches for tonight’s State of the Union. And, assuming the word corpsman is spelled out phonetically, everything should run smoothly.

Mike Shedlock | January 28, 2014

Before you can assess the success or failure of a program you must first understand the mission. Then, with the objectives of the mission in mind, one can measure success or failure.

Charles Payne | January 28, 2014

President Obama is probably going to try to talk up the good parts of the economy with smoke and mirrors, and the selective use of statistics. But the Commander in Chief is also going to describe an unfair nation in crisis. He will hint at a nation on the edge, because successful people are rewarded too much.

John Ransom | January 28, 2014

Obama would rather have freight trains of oil derailing in Midwestern towns, while burning crude force residents to flee, than approve the job creation measure called the XL Pipeline. It's a good change of pace for him from the all-important War on Nuns.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 28, 2014

Let’s start this post with some cheerful news. The statists face a huge uphill battle if their campaign to undermine our rights to keep and bear arms. If you want evidence, just look at last year’s special election defeats of two anti-Second Amendment politicians in Colorado.

Bob Beauprez | January 28, 2014

We aren't used to hearing about good work coming out of the Colorado State Legislature. But in 1972, one thing we did get right was the establishment of an open meeting law, which ensures all government decisions are made with transparency and accountability. Unfortunately, Gov. Hickenlooper has been unwilling to stand up for the law.

Bill Tatro | January 28, 2014

When it comes to making official predictions for the year ahead, I always make my prognostications in a bar with a few close friends. But...

Nick Sorrentino | January 28, 2014

"When we presented them with the withdrawal slip, they declined to give us our money because we could not provide them with a satisfactory explanation for why we needed the money."

Ralph Benko | January 28, 2014

Following President Obama’s lead, the Democrats are seeking to make income inequality the wedge issue of the 2014 Congressional and Senate elections. This unquestionably addresses an issue that — after forty years of middle class family wage stagnation — resonates with voters.

Mon, Jan 27, 2014

Michael Schaus | January 27, 2014

One would think that this far into Obama’s second term, the excuses for the nation’s poor economic performance would at least get more creative. But, apparently, the buck does not stop at President Obama’s desk… It stops at some ranch near Crawford, Texas.

John Ransom | January 27, 2014

Go back through Obama's old ?State of the Union addresses?, and pick out the sentences in which you can "mad lib" responses. It's hilarious. It's never ending. And it's exhausting.

Bob Beauprez | January 27, 2014

Median household income fell 4.4 percent during Obama's first term in office

Marita Noon | January 27, 2014

The data don’t support the claims made by climate scientists—but they just keep making them.

Mark Baisley | January 27, 2014

What the Republican candidates are actually missing is a GOP playbook with instructions to avoid trying to be loved by everybody.

Morgan Brittany | January 27, 2014

If you go on Medicaid, you owe the entire amount that Medicaid spends on you from the time you turn 55!

Fritz Pfister | January 27, 2014

To say the year in housing ended with a whimper would be an understatement. But wait a minute, isn't the job market improving with only a 6.7% unemployment rate? If more people are working doesn't that translate into more people buying homes?

Sun, Jan 26, 2014

Mike Shedlock | January 26, 2014

Yesterday, Argentina devalued the Peso hoping to halt further declines in its currency reserves. Markets had seen this coming as charts of the Peso vs. the US dollar show.

John Ransom | January 26, 2014

Given that she couldn’t beat Barack Obama prior to her disastrous term as Secretary of State, I’m not sure that that the little Benghazi resume item is going to help her bid to become the chief executive for the nation. All that cuckholding (or is that cuckholdee?) with Bill for nothing.

Political Calculations | January 26, 2014

One of the dangers that people who work in low wage-earning jobs face from politicians promising minimum wage or benefit increases is that they might get priced out of their jobs.

Night Watch | January 26, 2014

Four bombings took place in and around Cairo on Friday, including a car bomb at the main police headquarters which damaged a nearby museum.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 26, 2014

So maybe what I really want to say is that I’m not a big fan of government bureaucracies and the results they generate. Why?

Bob Beauprez | January 26, 2014

In 2013, 20 percent or 1-in-5 American households was using food stamps according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture that administers the program.

Nick Sorrentino | January 26, 2014

If the states reassert their historical, and it should be said – constitutional authority the whole big government dream could unravel even more rapidly than it is unraveling now.

Hunter Lewis | January 26, 2014

Many reporters reflexively support unions, and prefer not to acknowledge scandals related to them, especially at the local and state level. Nevertheless, troubling news accounts have emerged.

Edith Lank | January 26, 2014


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