Sun, Jan 12, 2014

Edith Lank | January 12, 2014

Sat, Jan 11, 2014

Mike Shedlock | January 11, 2014

Clearly, this is yet another bad report, with people dropping out of the labor force like mad. Amusingly, USA Today reports that "Paul Ashworth of Capital Economics says severe winter was the main culprit behind the disappointing job gains."

Charles Payne | January 11, 2014

Well, Chris Christie proved he can say, 'I'm sorry,' with the best of them. (It's clear the governor has come home with chocolates and flowers at least once in his married life.) Of course the question now isn't his performance, but what did he know, and when did he know it?

John Ransom | January 11, 2014

At this rate they'll have to change the state song from "Where the Columbines Grow" to "Where the Cannabis Grows." Or how about "Oh, Cannabis!" That would be great during hockey games.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 11, 2014

Washington is in the middle of another debate about redistributing money. But that’s hardly newsworthy. Politics, after all, is basically a never-ending racket in which insiders buy votes and accumulate power with other people’s money.

Bob Beauprez | January 11, 2014

There was more bad news; 347,000 people walked away, left the workforce entirely in a month when the total population increased by 178,000. The Labor Force Participation Rate (the measure of how many people have a job or are looking for one) fell back to just 62.8% matching a 35 year low.

Fritz Pfister | January 11, 2014

Do these sales numbers indicate we have turned a corner in housing? Not in my opinion. We seem to be stuck in the perpetual headed in the right direction mode, made famous by the running in place Obama economy.

Ransom Notes Radio | January 11, 2014

The abysmal jobs numbers certainly say something about the economic conditions of early 2014. The question is: Are Americans seeing an improvement in the economy, or are we just getting used to anemic growth?

Fri, Jan 10, 2014

Michael Schaus | January 10, 2014

Like a Mayan Priest that claims the sudden drought is the wrath of a god, climate alarmists claim the sudden cold is the result of your non-hybrid SUV. Sacrifice a few trillion dollars (rather than a virgin) and the angry climate gods will soon return normalcy to your seasonal weather schedule…

Mike Shedlock | January 10, 2014

In general, hyperinflationists ignored the credit aspect even though credit dwarfs money supply. Those screaming that hyperinflation is at hand, have missed the boat and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Another equity bubble bust is around the corner, and that bust will be anything but inflationary.

Charles Payne | January 10, 2014

Things are looking better, but we aren't a cocky bunch yet. In fact, the country is grudgingly coming around to the notion that it might survive, despite all the risk and all the unnecessary obstacles in the path of the recovery.

Political Calculations | January 10, 2014

We know. It's a long list. But we're specifically looking at the seasonally-adjusted trend in the state's weekly number of initial unemployment insurance benefit claims, which are filed whenever people are laid off from their jobs.

Night Watch | January 10, 2014

On Wednesday, Syrian Islamist rebels seized control of a hospital used as a headquarters by forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the northern city of Aleppo.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 10, 2014

Depending on my mood and time of day, any of number of options might be at the top of my list. But I also might say that I’m most upset about the way that the tax code facilitates a perverse form of legalized corruption in Washington.

Michael Tanner | January 10, 2014

Examples of the failures of government, large and small, are pretty easy to come by. Solyndra, the Iraq War, the response to Hurricane Katrina, Obamcare: Take your pick. But in terms of both wasted money and human suffering, it’s hard to find a more egregious government failure than the War on Poverty.

Thu, Jan 09, 2014

Michael Schaus | January 09, 2014

Lyndon B Johnson declared war on poverty 50 years ago. So, how’s our war progressing? Are we winning? Is anyone keeping a list of casualties?

Mike Shedlock | January 09, 2014

Falling inflation is actually a good thing, but no one on the Fed sees things that way. Nor do any of the Fed governors see the enormous bubbles in stocks and corporate bonds they have created.

Charles Payne | January 09, 2014

Of course nature, while unpredictable, is going to punish at times and provide idyllic backdrops at others. Humans are just as unpredictable as nature, and from time to time are completely self destructive. We can't help it.

John Ransom | January 09, 2014

When you define everything about skin color or gender or group, you can’t but help to someday get your wish. And then everything becomes about skin color, gender or group.

Night Watch | January 09, 2014

The government announced that it would not attack Fallujah for now in order to minimize civilian casualties. At least one source in Iraq, however, reported that government forces have low morale because they lack the supplies and equipment to mount an operation that has any prospect of success.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 09, 2014

The numbers in this chart, which are based on Census Bureau data and scholarly studies, show that the poverty rate was steadily falling in the United States – until the federal government decided to launch a so-called War on Poverty.

Jerry Bowyer | January 09, 2014

Men on Strike is pretty much what the title says it is: a book about how many men have decided not to participate in certain areas of life, most notably in school, family, and increasingly in work.

Bob Goldman | January 09, 2014

Wed, Jan 08, 2014

Michael Schaus | January 08, 2014

It turns out that the heartless corporations, and not the big-government juggernaut of good intentions, are the ones actually doing good for Americans, their families, and their communities. Business, and not government, is the key to progress in America; a fact lost on occupy-protestors, anti-corporatists, and Obama-style-Democrats.

Mike Shedlock | January 08, 2014

Some initial users loved it, some hated it or grew to hate it, and some were bored with it after the initial excitement wore off. Still other users complained that people were suspicious of them while wearing Google Glass.

Charles Payne | January 08, 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas today, and promises to be a spectacle. Products introduced this week will go on to be household names, and make life easier. From an investment point of view, opportunities will be revealed as well.

John Ransom | January 08, 2014

As late as November 1st, 2012 wearing his flight jacket as commander in chief Obama told a crowd on the campaign trail: “Thanks to sacrifice and service of our brave men and women in uniform, the war in Iraq is over, the war in Afghanistan is winding down, al Qaeda has been decimated, Osama bin Laden is dead.”

Night Watch | January 08, 2014

Kim Jong Un's aunt, the wife of Chang Sung-taek who was purged and executed last month, has either died of a heart attack or committed suicide, according to an unconfirmed press report.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 08, 2014

One of my most widely read – but also most depressing – articles was from about two years ago and it exposed the fact that Washington, DC, is now the nation’s richest region. I explained that Washington is rich because of unearned wealth.

Ransom Notes Radio | January 08, 2014

The Federal Government just got another settlement from JP Morgan Chase… Is it completely unbelievable that some of the Fed’s investigations into JP Morgan is politically motivated? Also, Brent Littlefield, from Littlefield Consulting, joined the program to discuss government gridlock and partisanship.

Tue, Jan 07, 2014

Dave Ramsey | January 07, 2014

I hate to break this to you, but overspending is not an emergency. If you budget a set amount in one category and you go over that amount, you’ve got to have something you reduce or cut out completely to stay within your budget for the month.

Mike Shedlock | January 07, 2014

In general, traders scream "manipulation" every time trades go against them. Perhaps some of them are. But traders never complain when trades spike heavily in their favor.

Charles Payne | January 07, 2014

The misguided movement for the so-called living wage as a reward for not running the good race threatens to upend an economic system.

John Ransom | January 07, 2014

In Mark Twain’s classic "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court," Hank Morgan, who calls himself the Yankee of the Yankees, uses science to create the illusion of magic. Today, global warmists use magic to create the illusion of science.

Night Watch | January 07, 2014

The security situation has again devolved into civil war, at least on a limited basis. More than 10,000 people were killed last year. Several hundred have been killed in Anbar Province since 1 January.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 07, 2014

Some things in life are very dependable. Every year, for instance, the swallows return to Capistrano. And you can also count on Dan Mitchell to wax poetic about the looming collapse of French statism.

Ralph Benko | January 07, 2014

“Bipartisanship” makes this writer uneasy. It often represents Washington code signifying collusion by Republicans and Democrats to stick it to the taxpayers and citizens. So in this celebratory season gridlock is something to celebrate.

Bill Tatro | January 07, 2014

You just gotta love the math that regularly emanates from the federal government. Specifically, it’s the participation rate that’s utilized in order to calculate the unemployment numbers.

Ransom Notes Radio | January 07, 2014

Can President Obama campaign AND govern? Because it’s beginning to look like he can’t do either one right now. Katie Pavlich, from Townhall, joined the program to discuss the President’s most recent PR campaign for Obamacare.

Peter Schiff | January 07, 2014

Most economic observers are predicting that 2014 will be the year in which the United States finally shrugs off the persistent malaise of the Great Recession. As we embark on this sunny new chapter, we may ask what wisdom the five-year trauma has delivered.

Mon, Jan 06, 2014

Michael Schaus | January 06, 2014

Let’s face it. Gun control is good business. Not only for the Bloomberg sycophants who prey off of the fearful (unarmed) masses, but for dealers, manufacturers, and purveyors of firearm accessories. And while gun stock prices have gone up (see… guns are an investment, not an “obsession”) America has actually become safer.

Mike Shedlock | January 06, 2014

At least under Hussein, religious freedom existed. It doesn't now. Chaldean Catholics are targeted and killed simply because they are Catholic.

John Ransom | January 06, 2014

2013 has been a bad year in the global warming modeling business. Real-time data refuses to confirm the dire predictions global warming models have given us that the use of fossil fuels are warming the world at the catastrophic rate, so the bureaucrats have been forced to use some alternative fuel of their own: B.S.

Political Calculations | January 06, 2014

In addition to discussing different options for obtaining effective health insurance coverage and avoiding tax penalties, which at this writing, will still negatively affect the millions of Americans for whom President Obama has not yet waived the penalties, Parnell also describes how to get the most for the money you do have to spend on health care services.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 06, 2014

OECD bureaucrats get tax-free salaries, which nicely insulates them from having to deal with the negative consequences of the policies they advocate for folks in the private sector.

Morgan Brittany | January 06, 2014

When we woke up on January 1, 2014, most of us probably broke some kind of law. It has become obvious that no matter what we do in our daily lives, we are violating some government imposed statute or regulation that we had no idea even existed.

Mark Baisley | January 06, 2014

The real purpose for such a memorial would be to put all would-be leaders of social engineering on notice that, sagacious or fallacious, they will be remembered for advancing their false ideology.

Sun, Jan 05, 2014

Michael Schaus | January 05, 2014

It’s nice to see that despite being on vacation in Hawaii, the President can still carve out some time – between rounds of golf and snorkeling – to insult his political opponents. After all, nothing encourages bi-partisanship in the New Year like a little name calling and mudslinging.

Mike Shedlock | January 05, 2014

One thing we learned from the financial crisis in the US, and continued bank problems in Europe is the biggest portion of the mess is continually hidden

John Ransom | January 05, 2014

In order for Washington DC's median household income to equal the rest of the nation, the folks in our nation's capital would have to forfeit 152 days of pay on a 365 day calendar to catch up. That would put them back to work on June 1st, 2014.

Political Calculations | January 05, 2014

The second U.S. housing bubble, which first began inflating after July 2012, has resumed inflating after stalling out in the months from July 2013 through September 2013.

Daniel J. Mitchell | January 05, 2014

If folks on the left really cared about minorities, they would be among the biggest advocates of genuine reform.

Nick Sorrentino | January 05, 2014

This is a Constitutional issue. This is a general privacy issue. But it’s also a crony capitalism issue.

Marita Noon | January 05, 2014

Nearly four years after the failed attempt to gives us back our light bulb, the attitude about government intrusion, thanks in large part to Obamacare, is much more negative.

Michael Tanner | January 05, 2014

This year mark’s the 50th anniversary of Democrats’ declaration of a War on Poverty. Ironically, it seems as if President Obama and congressional Democrats have decided to mark the occasion by declaring a war on the poor.


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