Sun, Dec 08, 2013

Edith Lank | December 08, 2013

Sat, Dec 07, 2013

John Ransom | December 07, 2013

As silly as Obama’s ridiculous social theories and economic Know-Nothingisms are, they’re continuing to do great damage to the economy, our society, and, yes, even the world. The damage is evil, even if the man himself is silly.

Night Watch | December 07, 2013

The Syrian army and Hizballah have no weapons that fire only two chemical rounds. The rebels do. Poorly trained militias and disorganized rebel groups perpetrate attacks of this kind.

Daniel J. Mitchell | December 07, 2013

There’s a saying in the sports world about how last-minute comebacks are examples of “snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.” I don’t like that phrase because it reminds me of the painful way my beloved Bulldogs were defeated a couple of weeks ago by Auburn.

Mike Shedlock | December 07, 2013

Beneath the Headline number, this is not a good report. Real wages have been declining. Add in increases in state taxes and the average Joe has been hammered pretty badly. For 2013, one needs to factor in the increase in payroll taxes for Social Security.

Charles Payne | December 07, 2013

With President Obama (re) declaring war on free markets to enact social justice this week, we have been warned and reminded that capitalism has no friend at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

Bill Tatro | December 07, 2013

International counterfeiters are fully aware of this, and over the past few years, they’ve been ramping up their efforts in order to flood the markets with counterfeit gold pieces.

Ransom Notes Radio | December 07, 2013

Face it… Sometimes you have to kill a few eagles to save their environment. (Huh?) Katie Pavlich joined the show to talk about the EPA’s latest special exemptions for “green” energy companies. (Oh yeah: And Ezra Klein is still an idiot!)

Fri, Dec 06, 2013

Ransom Notes Radio | December 06, 2013

If GDP Really did grow at 3.6 percent in the 3rd quarter (Pfft… Yeah right) then why don’t we shut down the government more often? Nick Sorrentino also joined the program to discuss the cronyism of Obama’s White House.

Krista Kafer | December 06, 2013

The Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a “bitterly cold” winter so there may be no use in hoping for a little global warming. Unless you’re a global warming activist, that is; then there’s always hope even when the facts don’t go your way.

Bob Beauprez | December 06, 2013

Recall the President? This time it's not just some zany idea from one of those Tea Party conservatives in the House; it's coming from a huge constituency that was responsible for his election.

Charles Payne | December 06, 2013

Even as President Obama was hitting the reset button for his signature accomplishment, one couldn't help but think that this thing not only is a dud but also will become another expensive albatross around the neck of the shrinking American taxpayer pool.

Daniel J. Mitchell | December 06, 2013

Proponents of the flat tax and sales tax want to replace the income tax. That would be a very positive step. Advocates of the VAT, by contrast, want to keep the income tax and give politicians another big source of revenue. That’s a catastrophically bad idea.

Mike Shedlock | December 06, 2013

In a feudal as well as futile attempt to keep wealthy French citizens from leaving the country, France hikes the "Exit Tax" on transfers of wealth to outside of France. They also lower the base and increase the number of things on which the tax applies.

Fritz Pfister | December 06, 2013

Over one million people are about to lose their extended unemployment benefits which would send the unemployment rate plunging when they are no longer counted. Wow what an amazing job of lowering the rate!

Larry Kudlow | December 06, 2013

Tired, banal, and boring won’t do it, Mr. President.

Bill Tatro | December 06, 2013

From an odds standpoint, retail customers should realize that being “long” in a market gives them a one-in-three chance of winning. That’s because equity markets can do one of three things: they can go up, they can go down, or they can stay the same.

Bill Gunderson | December 06, 2013

From a valuation point of view, PNR passes the test. It is currently trading at 17.7 times forward earnings. It is expected to grow these earnings by 14.3% per year over the next five years. It has a PEG ratio of 1.24.

John Ransom | December 06, 2013

Dr. Larry Kawa, an orthodontist who lives in South Florida, filed suit “against the U.S. Department of Treasury, Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew, the Internal Revenue Service and IRS Acting Director Daniel Werfel challenging the Obama administration’s decision to delay the enactment of the so-called ‘employer mandate’ provision of the Affordable Healthcare Act,” said Judicial Watch.

Thu, Dec 05, 2013

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz | December 05, 2013

Most people don't realize that 529 assets can be used at any eligible institution of higher education.

John Ransom | December 05, 2013

Democrats have no idea whatsoever what to do with the largest, greatest, most impressive economic society ever created in the history of mankind. They should try doing nothing with it and see how that works out.

Night Watch | December 05, 2013

Today the head of the Free Syrian Army suggested that his force might fight the jihadists and salafists in Syria in coordination with the Syrian government forces because of the threat the jihadists pose to moderate Syrians.

Dave Ramsey | December 05, 2013

Rule number 1: It’s not an emergency. Christmas is not an emergency, it happens every year. Don’t use this as an excuse to overspend and buy things you can’t afford.

Daniel J. Mitchell | December 05, 2013

Let’s do a simple thought experiment and answer the following question: Do you think that additional laws from Washington will give you more freedom and more prosperity? I don’t know how you will answer, but I strongly suspect most Americans will say “no.”

Mike Shedlock | December 05, 2013

Unlike Vallejo, California, it is highly likely Detroit will actually shed pension obligations in the first go-around. A mere 25% of students graduate from high school. Can Detroit schools get any worse?

Political Calculations | December 05, 2013

Because it has suddenly become relevant, thanks to Pope Francis' first Evangelii Gaudium, we thought we might revisit the trends in income inequality in the United States.

Bob Goldman | December 05, 2013

I assumed that when a manager pops up in your face to ask if you would rather stop complaining and keep your job, or quit and feed your family off government cheese, the responses would be 100 percent accurate.

Bill Gunderson | December 05, 2013

As human beings we hedge all of the time. Even though I live in one of the sunniest cities in the world, I usually have a jacket ready, just in case. When I go holiday shopping I keep the tags, just in case I have to take everything back.

Ransom Notes Radio | December 05, 2013

Ambassador Kevin Brady from the Great Republic of Texas joined the program to discuss the Census Bureau’s “fake” employment data. It Turns out there are plenty of people in the Nation’s Capitol fighting against Obama’s Agenda.

Michael Schaus | December 05, 2013

Remember when Obama explained that the website would be easier than making a purchase on e-bay or Amazon? If the objective is to have a healthcare system that operates as efficiently and easily as the private sector economy… Then, why did we hand control over to the government?

Wed, Dec 04, 2013

John Ransom | December 04, 2013

Not since Roosevelt gave away Eastern Europe at Yalta, has an American president so disordered the strategic balance of power worldwide. Roosevelt we know now was dying when he attended the Yalta conference. Obama, on the other hand, has been dead from the neck up for a long time.

Roger Schlesinger | December 04, 2013

The end of Common Sense in our beloved homeland is going quickly down the drain. It is being replaced by those who can't even spell common sense, let alone practice it.

Ransom Notes Radio | December 04, 2013

Do all President really lie? (And does that really matter?) Also: The White House has declared war on more than just coal… Hal Quinn, with the National Mining Association, joined the program to discuss the administration’s fascination with killing energy-related jobs.

Bill Gunderson | December 04, 2013

Some readers might remember a few years ago, I said: Sell everything under the sun – talking about solar stocks.

Night Watch | December 04, 2013

The Taliban have urged President Hamid Karzai to turn a delay in signing a long-term security deal with the United States into outright rejection, in an unusually polite statement directed at a leader the insurgents have repeatedly denounced as a US puppet.

Charles Payne | December 04, 2013

Two news items that will buzz throughout the week actually have greater long term implications and are intricately linked to one another. News Item #1: Jeff Bezos sees drones delivering parcels within five to ten years. News Item #2: Fast food workers prepare one-day strike, demanding $15 minimum wage.

Daniel J. Mitchell | December 04, 2013

I’m increasingly worried Obamacare also is creating a playground for hackers and identity thieves – and the rest of us will be the victims. Simply stated, the results probably won’t be very pretty when you mix together big data, and government incompetence.

Mike Shedlock | December 04, 2013

At long last, beleaguered taxpayers will not have to put up with nonsense from public unions about the sanctity of pensions.

Michael Schaus | December 04, 2013

It’s kinda hard to spend thousands of dollars at big box store on Black Friday when you’re not sure how Tiny Tim is going to pay for his physical therapy. Obamacare and Obamanomics, it would seem, are doing their best to steal Christmas.

Bob Beauprez | December 04, 2013

The announcement of a deal that enshrined Iran's nuclear program left some critics (including this one) wondering what part of "Death to America" the Obama White House didn't understand? This is after all, the same Iran that only last July, the State Department once again identified as the planet's leading state-sponsor of terrorism.

Tue, Dec 03, 2013

Daniel J. Mitchell | December 03, 2013

But you won’t be surprised that this feature of Obamacare also has important economic and policy lessons. Statists have tried to scare young people that there’s a fight over whether people have the right to access birth control. They’ll privately admit that this is just empty rhetoric (after all, there were no barriers to birth control in the pre-Obamacare era), but they nonetheless still argue that the mandate is needed for affordability reasons.

Mike Shedlock | December 03, 2013

Whenever Wal-Mart opens up a store it gets tens of thousands of applicants for a couple hundred openings. People want the jobs. Here's the deal. If you don't like the job, then don't take it.

Ralph Benko | December 03, 2013

House Financial Services Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling, after his introduction by Cato CATO -0.96% Institute vice president Mark Calabria at a panel of the 31st annual Cato Monetary Conference, had effusive praise for his host:

Jerry Bowyer | December 03, 2013

I have a friend who was always trying to talk me into being part of his next business idea. I’d always nod and smile. Then I would change the subject back to the insurance firm that he already owned. I knew that would end the conversation pretty quickly, because talking about the business that he already owned was boring to him.

Dave Ramsey | December 03, 2013

So, yeah, savings interest rates right now are aggravating. But you don’t have 3- or 4-percent-home-mortgage world without a 1-percent CD world. They kind of go together. In my mind, an emergency fund isn’t there for the purpose of making money. It needs to just sit safe and sound until it’s needed.

Bill Tatro | December 03, 2013

Of course, we have now advanced technologically to the point that actual physical activity is a thing of the past, since kids can sit and play with their PCs, laptops, Xboxes, and probably a dozen other devices that don’t require them to move at all, other than to shift their fingers.

Ransom Notes Radio | December 03, 2013

What is Ransom Thankful for? Term Limits. Also, the Madison Coalition joined the program to talk about a constitutional, and practical, solution to runaway federal regulations.

John Ransom | December 03, 2013

Imagine how bad things will get if Maxine Waters ends up running the financial services committee in the United States House of Representatives while we have an inflationary peak and the economy is in another crisis.

Bob Beauprez | December 03, 2013

Bad as the deal is for legitimizing Iran as a member of the planet's nuclear club, virtually all of the concern and analysis of what the future may hold has failed to include the collaborations of a critical partner and ally of the Iranians – North Korea.

Mon, Dec 02, 2013

Dave Ramsey | December 02, 2013

The best suggestion I can give is for you to simply make these things irrelevant with your other marketing. Overwhelm potential customers with the quality of your service and experience.

John Ransom | December 02, 2013

Winston Churchill once said that Hitler was possible because his country stopped being able to recognize evil. In our own country, I’m beginning to believe that people are having trouble distinguishing between what is true and what is a lie.

Morgan Brittany | December 02, 2013

It isn’t enough that taxpayers are strapped financially with the burdens already on them, now more tax dollars are being spread around to promote something that Americans overwhelmingly do not want!

Mike Shedlock | December 02, 2013

Work "really well" for who? If Plouffe means the average (and shrinking) middle-class worker, he is out of his mind.

Daniel J. Mitchell | December 02, 2013

My most important point was that capitalism is the only successful model for creating broadly shared prosperity and I used examples from the Pope’s home region of Latin America to show that nations with more economic liberty are far more successful.

Political Calculations | December 02, 2013

The federal government's subsidization of U.S. ethanol producers, who produce ethanol from corn, which is also the primary feed grain for farm-raised turkeys, is the culprit behind turkey inflation.

Chris Edwards | December 02, 2013

The GAO routinely finds waste in programs, but it usually just proposes ways to fix them — so the Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques program must be really lame. The GAO finds no “scientifically validated evidence” for the $200 million program, and it says that TSA deployed it before even doing a cost-benefit analysis.

Michael F. Cannon | December 02, 2013

The people’s elected representatives must clear certain hurdles — some as high as IPAB wishes to set them — if they want to retain their authority as the ones who write laws regarding health care.

Sun, Dec 01, 2013

John Ransom | December 01, 2013

The LEFT believes in torture. And here's proof: Explain Joe Biden, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton without using the word torture. Seriously. What qualifies Hillary Clinton to be anything?

Marita Noon | December 01, 2013

“Rich countries are still not pledging enough money to begin financing a shift to a cleaner global economy,” reports the Financial Times (FT) in its coverage of the United Nations climate talks in Warsaw that ended with little more than a “vague road map on how to prepare for a global climate pact they’re supposed to adopt in two years.”

Mike Shedlock | December 01, 2013

In an ongoing trend, unrelated to Obamacare, companies have been passing on more and more healthcare costs to employees. However, an ACA gotcha has impacted the way costs are passed on, with families taking a bigger hit than individuals at many companies.

Daniel J. Mitchell | December 01, 2013

It’s no secret that I have very little faith in the competence and good will of government. I focus primarily on the fecklessness of Washington, but I also can’t resist highlighting malfeasance and stupidity by local governments, state governments, and foreign governments.

Political Calculations | December 01, 2013

This is the lowest level that investors have projected for trailing twelve month earnings per share for 2013 since S&P's forecast for 2013 was first projected in January 2012.

Michael Schaus | December 01, 2013

According to CBS news, US District Court Judge Marcia Krieger said that “if individual sheriffs wish to protect individual rights or interests they may do so, however, the sheriffs have confused their individual rights and interests with those of the county sheriff’s office.”

Edith Lank | December 01, 2013