Wed, Oct 07, 2015

Dave Ramsey | October 07, 2015

Dear Dave, Im having issues with my youngest brother, and I need some advice. Hes 25, divorced and has two kids. He only wants to play dad when its convenient for him, and hes very irresponsible with money as well.

Mike Shedlock | October 07, 2015

In the wake of recent economic data, economists at the IMF and Deutsche Bank lowered their growth estimates.

Charles Payne | October 07, 2015

After a string of sessions marked by the market holding key support for three straight sessions before the remarkable reversal last Friday, and continuing yesterday, the spurt may run out of steam.

Bryan Perry | October 07, 2015

When market volatility rules the investing landscape for weeks at a time, taking the time to screen for companies that are impervious to the triple-digit swings and the downward bias is an enormously useful exercise.

Nicholas Vardy | October 07, 2015

Lets start with the major U.S. market averages in Q3, which sustained a direct hit from bearish ordinance.

Daniel J. Mitchell | October 07, 2015

Since its basically a way of protecting property rights, environmental protection is a legitimate function of government.

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz | October 07, 2015

Dear Readers: Fall is in the air and that means three important things: summer vacation is over, the kids are back in school, and it's open enrollment for most employer health care offerings. While you may have mixed feelings about the first two, the opportunity that open enrollment offers you to plan for health care costs while saving on taxes is nothing but positive to me. So if you're lucky enough to have an employer that provides a health savings account, a flexible spending account -- or both -- I recommend looking into them at the first opportunity.

Andrew Langer | October 07, 2015

If there is one area in which people on both the left and the right can normally agree, it is that government power, especially governments power to discharge vast sums of cash to individual businesses, should not be used to wage economic warfare.

Tue, Oct 06, 2015

Bill Gunderson | October 06, 2015

Now that it looks like the FED will not be raising interest rates anytime soon, the market is all of a sudden back in rally mode.

Charles Payne | October 06, 2015

There is still much confusion over the jobs report, and the reaction on Friday. Those that boil the market down to its most simplistic aspects are rejoicing as they see the Fed holding pat.

Edith Lank | October 06, 2015

Dear Edith: I am in the process of selling to the girl that is currently renting the place from me. She has been a great tenant. We have gotten all the signed papers and information in, but there has been a delay of what is now over two weeks from the original closing date. It's not easy to say who's to blame, just one problem after another coming up.

Wall Street Daily | October 06, 2015

Many international markets have struggled over the last few years, with China being the most recent.

Peter Morici | October 06, 2015

The recently slower pace of jobs creation likely takes an interest rate hike off the table when Federal policymakers met in October but a move is still in play for December.

Peter Schiff | October 06, 2015

The popular belief that the U.S. economy has been steadily recovering has endured months of disappointing data without losing much of its appeal.

Mon, Oct 05, 2015

Mark Skousen | October 05, 2015

When Pope Francis visited the United States last week, he elevated Father Serra to sainthood at the Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.

Harvey Mackay | October 05, 2015

The famed aerialist the Great Zumbrati once walked a shaky tightrope across Niagara Falls despite a gusty wind that almost caused him to lose his footing. He was very relieved to have made it safely across. Waiting for him on the other side was a fan with a wheelbarrow.

Edith Lank | October 05, 2015