Cliff Ennico

Posted February 10, 2016

"I've been looking to buy a business for some time now. My college graduate daughter has been out of work and living at home for two years, despite tons of effort and countless rejections, and I thought it might be a good idea for the two of us to own something where I could help her out for a while until she got the hang of things and could manage on her own.

Posted February 02, 2016

In last week's column, we talked about some of the wrong ways to engage in "private labeling" on eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce websites -- buying someone else's merchandise (legally) and reselling it online at a significantly higher price under your own trademark or "brand label."

Posted January 19, 2016

Here are some more New Year's Resolutions for business owners.

Posted December 22, 2015

Dear Santa: Well, another year has gone by. My business is surviving, by a thread, but I'm still facing lots of challenges. You know I've been really, really good this year (maybe that's the problem with my business -- I'm too darned good for my own good and should borrow more from the "ruthless entrepreneur" playbook, but never mind).

Posted November 24, 2015

"I am looking for an attorney who could provide my business with a master form of client agreement. We understand that your services are not cheap, but would like to know how much you would charge for this kind of document.

Posted November 17, 2015

"A local nonprofit organization has asked me to join its board of directors. It's a real honor for me, and a cause I believe in, but I'm just a little nervous about my legal responsibilities. Could you tackle those at some point?"

Posted November 11, 2015

"I started an online retail business earlier this year, and have generated so much income already that I know I'm going to get a Form 1099 from PayPal this year.

Posted November 04, 2015

As I bounce around this great country of ours giving talks at conferences and trade shows and discovering the finer points of airport cuisine, I was pleased to have the chance to speak closer to home at the New York Business Expo and Conference last week.

Posted October 20, 2015

I just got back from speaking at this year's eCom Chicago conference for online retailers.

Posted October 13, 2015

Few things in life are more unsettling than getting a letter from the IRS.

Posted September 22, 2015

Since the beginning of time, business owners have wrestled with the question: "Why are my customers buying?"

Posted September 08, 2015

Slowly but surely, the courts and government regulators are taking the stand that there is no middle ground between employees and independent contractors.

Posted August 18, 2015

"I started a service business earlier this year. I formed a limited liability company, and I'm the sole owner.

Posted August 11, 2015

"Several friends and I are setting up a local charity to help recent college graduates pay off their student loans. We also intend to lobby our state government to pass laws allowing banks to forgive student loans.

Posted August 04, 2015

When your limited liability company starts attracting investors, you will need to adopt a more formal way for people to own, operate and manage the company.

Posted July 21, 2015

Ah, summer. A chance to lie on the beach, do some camping or outlet shopping, and ... do some big picture thinking about where your business has been and where it's going.

Posted July 15, 2015

"My wife and I are planning to start a food truck business, but are confused about all the licenses and permits we will need to operate the truck. Do we need all the same licenses that a regular restaurant would need?"

Posted July 08, 2015

"My partners and I formed a technology startup last year. We've done a 'friends and family' round of financing and have perfected our product.

Posted July 01, 2015

"I was downsized from a large corporation a couple of months ago."

Posted June 24, 2015

Last week, over 200 top-level eBay sellers attended the 12th annual eBay Radio Party and Conference in Las Vegas. This event, sponsored by the eBay Radio podcast, has become the must-attend national meetup for people who sell on eBay.


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