Charles Payne

As a boxing fan, I'm always looking for the next Sugar Ray Leonard or Mike Tyson, and at one point I thought I found the latter in a fighter named Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs. I was so excited about this guy, whose career began 25-0; I once took the entire firm to see one of his fights. In that bout, he bolted out of his corner and destroyed the optioned, barely off his stool, then proceeded to collect telephone numbers from women sitting ringside (and in the nosebleed section). This guy had amazing power, some speed and was built like a comic book villain. The thing is Shannon was never tested. He eventually fought another journeyman opponent, Darroll "Doin' Damage" Wilson, in what was supposed to be another walk in the park.

Wilson caught Briggs who began to bleed. The sight of his blood changed him profoundly as he not only lost that fight (knocked out in round three) but never really recaptured that initial magic. His best moment came when he fought for a title and after 11 lackluster rounds enjoyed one of the best last minute knockouts I've even seen.

Charles Payne

Charles V. Payne is a regular contributor to the Fox Business and Fox News Networks. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and Principle Analyst of Wall Street Strategies, Inc. (WSSI), founded in 1991 which provides subscription analytical services to both individual and institutional investors.

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