Bob Goldman
I can't believe it! An article at that lists "44 Jobs That Pay Well" completely missed the mega-bucks, mega-giggles gig I have at this quality media outlet writing a column about the 44 jobs that pay well.

Sorry, You'll just have to adjust your algorithm.

(For those of you who have already started polishing your resumes, I'm not saying that it's impossible to dislodge me from this position on top of the journalistic heap, but you will need a very special combination of brains, brawn, breathtaking good looks and the ability to feed a family of four on pennies a day.) (Note: a taste for surplus government cheese helps.)

For everyone else looking for the maximum bang of fun from your payday buck, let's see if the writers at Ranker are right in insisting that "fun, well-paying jobs actually do exist and you do not have to spend your time grinding away at something you do not enjoy just to make a high salary."

Fun Job No.1 is "Voice-Over Artist," and I do have to admit that it is difficult for me to see why dramatically vocalizing the merits of some mediocre product is much fun, even for an average annual salary of $80K. On the positive side, making ridiculous claims for a sugary breakfast cereal or slimy insurance company would be easy-peasy compared to all the times you've had to come up with voice-over responses about how your management is "Hmmm-Hmmm good," or your work is "Yumilicious."

Fun Job No. 2, "Video Game Player," does seem like a good option, especially considering that you already spend a large portion of your workday playing video games. Perhaps you could combine the two careers, adding the professional gamer's $50K annual salary to the puny remuneration you currently collect.

Putting two salaries together would not only double your fun, it could allow you to buy yourself a Ferrari. It's not such a random purchase when you consider that Fun Job No. 4, coming in at a $120K annual salary, is "Ferrari Driving Instructor." I'm not sure why being a Ferrari driving instructor pays so much more than, say, being a Prius driving instructor. I guess you get the big bucks to pay for all the psychiatric help you will need to salve your bruised ego and shattered nerves after spending your days with the obnoxious 1-percenters who can afford to buy Ferraris, not to mention the humiliation you will suffer spending your days wearing a gondolier's outfit.

Bob Goldman

Bob Goldman is a business humor writer.

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