Bob Goldman

If you think that all you need to be happy at a job is to have a job, you're right. In this economy, the paycheck-equals-happiness equation is 100 percent correct, especially if you are an unfeeling, insensitive, unenlightened boob.

But you're a deeply feeling, highly sensitive, totally enlightened boob, so it's different. You have to be happy when you're at your job in order to be happy when you're not at your job.

Face it -- you're deep!

Fortunately, there is news you can feel happy about. Dr. Srikumar S. Rao has published a new book, titled "Happiness At Work. Be Resilient, Motivated and Successful -- No Matter What."

You know Dr. Rao, of course. He is famous for "challenging the notion that work and misery go hand in hand." At least, his PR man believes this is what he does. All I know for sure is that anyone who thinks work and misery do not go hand in hand has never spent time at your office.

But maybe I'm jumping to conclusions here. Maybe a delicate flower like yourself could be happy at work if only someone would tell you how. Surprise! That's exactly what Dr. Rao has done. So, hold on! The happiness express is leaving the station.

Happiness generator #1 is to "start focusing on the process, rather than the outcome." In other words, just because your incompetence and sloth have driven your company to the edge of bankruptcy, don't let it get you down. Explain to your managers that even if your major, mission-critical project fails, the process that led to this failure was a total success. According to Dr. Rao, you must "accept the outcome, whatever it is, as joyfully as you can." And you can be sure your manager will be joyful, too, as she calls security to carry your boxes and your body out into the street.

See what I mean -- happiness is contagious.

"Stop labeling events as 'Good' or 'Bad,'" is another Srikumar S. Rao prescription for happiness. He also suggests that you do not spend time and energy trying to convince yourself, or your bosses, to "think positive." Instead, ask yourself "what if no 'bad thing' happens to you because you refuse to use that label?" The answer is: "you no longer have to put a positive spin on whatever life gives you."

Bob Goldman

Bob Goldman is a business humor writer.

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