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The Boss Gift

Since you are the perfect employee, the idea that you would have to give your boss a holiday gift seems superfluous. Yet, the chances are excellent that your little manager is expecting a little something-something to demonstrate your love, your respect and your deep-seeded fear that you could be fired at any minute. Choosing a gift for the supervisor who has everything -- and knows nothing -- can put a damper of the whole holiday season. If you choose right, you could accelerate your rise up the corporate ladder. Choose wrong and you could accelerate your race to the unemployment office. Fortunately, we can rely on Lahle Wolfe, the office gift-giving maven in the "Women in Business" department on (The extreme sexism implied here is quite offensive. Men in business have the same issues around gift giving, and we are equally in need of the injunction against solving the what-to-give-the-boss problem with a macrame plant-hanger or a cornhusk doll. In fact, those are exactly the gifts I have given my managers in the last six jobs I lost.) Wolfe divides bosses into two categories: bosses with whom you are friendly and work closely with and bosses with whom you relate strictly on professional terms. She doesn't cover the psycho boss who hates your guts with a burning passion, so I'll provide a suggestion -- you're unlikely to change their mind, but the keys to a new Jaguar XK as a stocking stuffer couldn't hurt.

Bob Goldman

Bob Goldman is a business humor writer.

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