Bob Beauprez

Ever since the Democrats passed ObamaCare "so we could find out what's in it," Americans have overwhelmingly said they didn't like the new law. 

Now, the Obama Administration is spending $20 million of taxpayer money on a new public relations campaign to try to sell us, yet again, on this unprecedented intrusion into our lives by legislation that 72% of Americans believe violates the Constitution.

The new public relations campaign "will inform the American people about the many preventative benefits" of ObamaCare according to the White House spin machine.   Porter-Novelli, one of the planet's glitziest consumer marketing firms, has been awarded the $20 million contract to direct a "national multi-media campaign" - the key word there is "campaign."

Americans by a margin of 56:37 currently favor complete repeal of the President's signature piece of legislation, and the animosity against ObamaCare continues to grow according to Rasmussen's regular tracking of public opinion. That presents a significant challenge for a President seeking re-election.   

So under a ruse of informing the public, the White House is using another $20 million of your money for his personal campaign purposes.

The more I hear about ObamaCare, the more I feel sick.  

From Heritage:

Bob Beauprez

Bob Beauprez is a former member of congress, dairy farmer, community banker, real estate developer, and now a buffalo rancher in Colorado

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