Bill Tatro

It appears President Obama has opened a lead over Mitt Romney in a dozen of the top battleground states. 

How did this happen?  How did the once vulnerable President sway from underdog status to a position of starting to pull away in the polls? 

Many will say the Republicans shot themselves in the foot. 

The family warfare of multiple marriages and illicit affairs combined with religious and constitutional fervor has painted the Republican Party and its candidates as bizarre, out of touch, or just not presidential enough. 

However, it seems the fact that Barack Obama was never required to meet a payroll and transitioned from community activist to selected candidate all the way to anointed President without so much as a background check, is irrelevant. 

President Obama’s credentials, when vetted against other candidates, are pale in comparison.  Experience in governing? 

Even the much maligned Sarah Palin had much more experience. 

The truth is that Obama’s sudden surge is due to the voting preference of women. 

My greatest fear is that, once again, women will be seduced by charm, graciousness, and a pleasant smile.  Women were first granted the right to vote in 1920 with the passage of the 19th Amendment. 

At that time, it was Warren G. Harding vs. James M. Cox for the Presidency.  Unlike his opponent, Harding was tall, handsome, debonair, and was very eloquent in making the audience swoon. 

Without question, his tactic was to appeal to the new voters, the women, whereas Cox appealed to the men and apparently disregarded the female voters.  The outcome was certain, a landslide. 

Harding and Coolidge won 60% of the popular vote, easily defeating Cox and FDR. 

Yet, Harding’s grasp of the issues was limited, he was told what to do and when to do it.  Ultimately, Harding’s administration became one of the most corrupt in history, until perhaps, right now. 

Indeed, the Teapot Dome scandal is certainly comparable to Obama’s Solyndra and the rest of the Green debacle. 

Harding’s Presidency was cut short by a stomach illness that some say was exasperated by poison from his wife (evidentially, a mistress in the White House made Mrs. Harding very upset).  Undeniably, the female vote in the 1920 Presidential election appeared to be swayed by the heart, not the head. 

I truly hope that come November, history does not repeat itself. 

Bill Tatro

Along with his 40-years of dedication in the financial services industry, Bill is the President and CEO of GPSforLife, has recently authored a highly successful book entitled 44th: A Presidential Conspiracy, publishes his dynamic monthly financial newsletter MacroProfit, and faithfully continues his third decade on the radio with It’s All About Money, which can be heard weekdays on Money Radio in Phoenix and in podcast form on his website (and on smartphone apps) published at weekdays at 5pm Eastern. Bill can be reached via email at and on Twitter @tatroshow.


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