Ann-Marie Murrell

After witnessing the recent “anti-Tea Party” publicity circus, led by Super-Quadruplets McCain/Graham/McConnell/King, I’m certainly having trouble keeping both feet in the door. These men have continuously appeared on national TV, not to denigrate the (much deserved) Obama administration, but to instead maliciously stick it to the Tea Party and Sen. Ted Cruz. Personally, I had never heard much about Rep. Peter King (R-NY) until the past few weeks when he became the darling of the mainstream media, aka the Democrat Party. Recently he was interviewed on CNN—enemy territory—calling Sen. Cruz “a fraud” and proclaiming “those I’ve spoken to think he’s crazy”. Of course this type of Tea Party bullying is old hat to folks like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. John “Wacko Bird” McCain (R-AZ), who consistently appear all over TV Land cutting down our own Party leaders instead of calling out the progressive monsters we’re supposed to be fighting against…


This makes me especially sad because, from the beginning of my writing career, I have been very open about the fact that I was once a Democrat. My big “transformation” occurred on 9/11/01 when, like a domino effect, most of my philosophies about government, war and politics came crashing down: “If I was wrong about this, then I was wrong about that…and that…and that…” Of course it’s never easy having to admit you’ve been wrong about so many areas of life—especially when married to a man who has always been on the Right side of that fence (and who loves to use the “I told you so” mantra as often as possible).

Since then, I’ve been speaking to and interviewing various GOP and Tea Party groups all over California and throughout the United States. My message is very strong. Although not always complimentary of the Republican Party, the gist of my message is that if the GOP and the Tea Party could learn to work together, we would become unstoppable in elections. I also encourage groups to step outside of their comfort zones and find new ways to reach people, using strategies taken directly from the Democrat handbook (because we’ve got to admit, they are geniuses when it comes to conveying their message). I always get positive feedback and many California groups have written to me saying they are now implementing some of my ideas into their programs.

Ann-Marie Murrell

In addition to being on, Ann-Marie is been an exclusive columnist for for 2 years and has written for dozens of political websites including, and Michael Reagan's Ann-Marie is one of the go-to Conservative reporters in Los Angeles and has covered many GOP events in California, Texas and Washington, DC. She has had exclusive interviews with many of our leading Conservatives including the late Andrew Breitbart, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, Bill Whittle and more. Ann-Marie lives in ultra-liberal Los Angeles with her husband Mark and has a 26-year old son, Jason.

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