Shawn Ambrosino

Treading through the waters that have been collectively and previously called World Wide Web this morning, there was one story that stuck out more than the others.

This story had nothing to do with the civil unrest in the Middle East.

Nor did it have anything to do with bickering between representatives over the proposed $3.7 Trillion budget.

No, this story was about a dinner party.

It seems that President Obama had a private meeting with what the mainstream media is calling the 12 “Titans of Technology” with designs towards eliciting support for his education and innovation agenda as well as a discussion on promoting growth.

Counted among the illustrious dozen were both the face of Apple, Steve Jobs as well as the wunderkind of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

Instead of calling it the “Titans of Technology” I would have went for “Geeks Galore Gala 2011”, but that’s me.

Did anything constructive come out of this meeting?

That’s hard to say, seeing as the media was not allowed to behind the vaunted closed doors…

So we’ll have to wait to hear if anything discussed will bear fruit, or if it was more of an ego stroking session.

But the idea got the wheels turning in my head.

I mean, I like the fact that Obama is reaching out towards real businessmen for advice on running the country, but the entire affair begs the question:

Was he meeting with the right people?

Because I’m not so sure he was.

To tell you the truth, Apple is where it is today because of quality products and an aggressively effective marketing campaign aimed at the younger generations.

And Facebook?

Facebook could very well be just the flavor of the month.

3 years ago, the President could have very well been visiting with the head honchos over at the all-but-dead MySpace.

The public is a fickle entity and who knows how long (or short) it’ll be to the next big social media network relegates Facebook to a footnote in the history of the internet.

All I’m saying is this:

Could there have been a better and more qualified mix of people Obama could have had dinner with other than extremely wealthy techies who have struck it big as the “it” guy?

You know who I would like to see Obama have dinner with?

Here are a few of the names I believe he could learn a lot more from:

We’ll start with the big one, the Oracle of Omaha himself Warren Buffett;

The Pope of the Catholic Church, head of the world’s richest organization;

If we have Buffett, we’ve got to go with Bill Gates, both for his business savvy as well as his love of playing Bridge;

Shawn Ambrosino

Shawn is a former professional wrestler and Division I college football player.

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